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Corona, California therapist: Gabriela Heigl, counselor/therapist

Gabriela Heigl

Counselor/Therapist, M.S., Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
I help clients understand themselves and others better. I utilize, and am trained in, EFT, EMDR and a client centered approach to help clients move through their challenges.  
5 Years Experience
Online in Oakland, California
West Los Angeles, California therapist: Embark Therapy, marriage and family therapist

Embark Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT, MSMFT
I founded Embark Therapy to empower you to move beyond your symptoms, foster deep self-awareness, and enhance your connection with those around you. Embark Therapy was launched with a vision to guide you toward profound self-insight, navigate through past pains, and embark on your unique journey within. In our fast-paced world, choosing to pause and look within is counter cultural. At Embark, we collaborate with you to enhance your reflective abilities and shine a light on aspects of your past that may have been overlooked. By addressing and expressing unresolved emotions, we facilitate moving beyond past traumas or disappointments, fostering an increased ability to fully engage with the present.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Oakland, California
San Diego, California therapist: Elaine Quattro, marriage and family therapist

Elaine Quattro

Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT
Among my areas of expertise are assisting men and women to find their true strengths, improving communication in all types of relationships (including understanding the gender differences that affect relationships), providing direction with career transitions (I have a business background as well), using the power of cognitive beliefs to help with depression and anxiety, and guiding those who turn to food for comfort to gain freedom through intuitive eating principles. In addition to being an experienced relationship therapist, I have presented at International conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of Couples Counseling using Christian Principles, Understanding and Appreciating Gender Differences, Mastering Emotional Wellness, and the Healing Power of Forgiveness. I am an interactive, solution-focused therapist. My therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. I integrate complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, I work with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.  
27 Years Experience
Online in Oakland, California
Visalia, California therapist: Ilah Brock - Central Valley Hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist

Ilah Brock - Central Valley Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist, C.Ht
My focus is vocational/avocational self-improvement to help you change a behavior you do not like to a behavior you do prefer. I am present for my client and my personal goal is to help people achieve their very best. For example: A smoker is now smoke free Effective Weight Loss Sedentary to motivated Anxious to calm Pain management Tinnitus Fears/phobias (i.e. dental visits, driving, flying, bugs, needles, etc) Public Speaking Anger Abandonment Writer's block Low libido and ED Sports Performance Past Life Regression Handwriting analysis (for behavior) Rejection And dozens more.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Oakland, California
Los Angeles, California therapist: WELL COACHED LIFE, counselor/therapist


Counselor/Therapist, PhD Clinical Psychology, MA Marriage & Family Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, EMDR, Havening
We specialize in trauma recovery and relationship revitalization, but our journey with you doesn't stop at symptom reduction. We see every challenge as a springboard for a deeper, more meaningful life. Our approach is about empowerment, addressing the roots of your experiences, and nurturing holistic healing—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You won't simply recover; you'll emerge with unshakable resilience, ready to embrace life's opportunities with newfound confidence. Relationships are not just mended; they're transformed into sources of support, connection, and joy. It's time to break free from the past and create a future where thriving is not just possible; it's the new norm.  
16 Years Experience
Online in Oakland, California