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San Diego, California therapist: Dr. Aleksandra Drecun, psychologist

Dr. Aleksandra Drecun

Psychologist, Psy.D.
My therapeutic style is collaborative, authentic, compassionate and client-centered. I am committed to providing the highest quality of care. I provide a safe, caring and nonjudgmental environment that centers on client needs. Each therapy session promotes personal growth and success!  
23 Years Experience
In-Person in San Diego, CA 92130
Online in San Diego, California
San Diego, California therapist: Elaine Quattro, marriage and family therapist

Elaine Quattro

Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT
Among my areas of expertise are assisting men and women to find their true strengths, improving communication in all types of relationships (including understanding the gender differences that affect relationships), providing direction with career transitions (I have a business background as well), using the power of cognitive beliefs to help with depression and anxiety, and guiding those who turn to food for comfort to gain freedom through intuitive eating principles. In addition to being an experienced relationship therapist, I have presented at International conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of Couples Counseling using Christian Principles, Understanding and Appreciating Gender Differences, Mastering Emotional Wellness, and the Healing Power of Forgiveness. I am an interactive, solution-focused therapist. My therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. I integrate complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, I work with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.  
27 Years Experience
Online in San Diego, California
San Diego, California therapist: Shaudi Adel - Online / Virtual Therapy, licensed clinical social worker

Shaudi Adel - Online / Virtual Therapy

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
FREE consultations! Are you feeling stuck in negative thoughts, intense emotions, or behavioral patterns that don't serve your best interest? Are you hoping to build more meaning and joy in your life? You may feel hesitant about reaching out for help, especially with pressure from all directions to "have it all together". I'm here to join you on this journey to discover healing and build a balanced life. My goal is to help you find compassion for yourself, develop skills to help you navigate life stressors, identify how you can become the best version of yourself, and be confident in the resilient person you are. If you want to work towards positive change in mind and body wellness, I'm ready when you are. I am an LCSW accepting clients in both California and New York. Send me an email to schedule a free phone consultation today! One of my favorite quotes... "You’re so hard on yourself. Take a moment. Sit back. Marvel at your life: at the grief that softened you, at the heartache that wisened you, at the suffering that strengthened you. Despite everything, You still grow. Be proud of this.” —Unknown  
14 Years Experience
In-Person in San Diego, CA
Online in San Diego, California
White Plains, New York therapist: Cheerful Heart Mental Health Counseling PLLC, licensed mental health counselor

Cheerful Heart Mental Health Counseling PLLC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Greetings, I'm Shakira, the founder of Cheerful Heart Mental Health Counseling, PLLC. As a licensed therapist, I am deeply committed to providing compassionate support and empowering individuals on their journey toward personal growth and well-being. At Cheerful Heart, we recognize that taking the step to seek therapy can be both courageous and transformative. That's why we've crafted our online counseling services to offer a safe and confidential space where you can explore your thoughts, emotions, and concerns from the comfort of your own environment. With a warm and collaborative approach, our experienced team of therapists is dedicated to fostering a trusting and empathetic therapeutic alliance. We believe in the power of connection and strive to create a supportive environment where you can feel heard, understood, and empowered to make positive changes in your life. Your well-being is our priority, and I am personally committed to supporting you every step of the way on your journey toward greater resilience and happiness. Together, let's embark on a path of healing and transformation. If you're ready to take that first step toward a brighter tomorrow, we're here to help. Reach out today to schedule your online therapy session with Cheerful Heart Mental Health Counseling. You're not alone—we're here for you every step of the way. Warm regards, Shakira K O'Garro LMHC, LPC, LPCC, NCC Founder, Cheerful Heart Mental Health Counseling, PLLC  
11 Years Experience
Online in San Diego, California
Los Angeles, California therapist: Fiorella Chujutalli, marriage and family therapist

Fiorella Chujutalli

Marriage and Family Therapist, MS, AMFT
Are you tired of fighting with your partner and being misunderstood? Do you feel like you are trying your best but nothing seems to work? Do you miss the person you first fell in love with? Or maybe you and your partner are thinking about marriage but want to work on some important things first? These are all signs that you could benefit from couple's therapy. I am a bilingual Hispanic therapist who specializes in helping couples "speak the same language" so that they can better understand each other's needs and grow closer together. I also have plenty of experience working with people with chronic illnesses and helping them and their family reduce the stress that the illness may have caused in the home. I get that seeking help is not always easy, but if you are wanting to start this journey towards a more healthy relationship and a life with more joy, I am only one call or email away. I am offering sessions in English or Spanish upon request. Call or email me for a free 15-min consultation!  
3 Years Experience
Online in San Diego, California