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San Francisco, California therapist: Misty Johnson, counselor/therapist

Misty Johnson

Counselor/Therapist, LCSW
Forgiveness is sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves but only when we decide that we are ready to forgive. The process of forgiveness cannot be rushed (and may never come and that is healthy too).  
6 Years Experience
In-Person in San Jose, CA
Online in San Jose, California
Santa Monica, California therapist: Timothy Walker, marriage and family therapist

Timothy Walker

Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT
How to let go, move on, accept, surrender, be at peace, break free, FORGIVE! Forgiveness is an easy word to say and a difficult concept to master. But difficult is not the same as impossible!  
7 Years Experience
Online in San Jose, California
Campbell, California therapist: Russell Wilkie, marriage and family therapist

Russell Wilkie

Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT
A friend of mine once said that not forgiving is like holding hot coals in your hands, threatening to throw them at someone, when all you get is burned hands -- better to drop the coals, through forgiveness, than keep getting burned. Forgiveness is for you, not the other person. It relieves you of the burden of carrying anger and resentment toward another, or even yourself. Healing is for yourself when you forgive another person. Their response to you forgiving them can be a bonus, but it isn't necessary, as proven by the fact that we can forgive people that are no longer alive.  
36 Years Experience
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Online in San Jose, California
Pleasanton, California therapist: Dr. Rebecca Scott, Psy.D, psychologist

Dr. Rebecca Scott, Psy.D

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Certified in Holistic Health
I can support patients struggling with forgiveness. Many people find it challenging to move on after a significant rupture in a relationship or a traumatic event. I can help support during this process.  
15 Years Experience
In-Person Near San Jose, CA
Online in San Jose, California
 therapist: Soul Journey Coaching & Wellness, counselor/therapist

Soul Journey Coaching & Wellness

Counselor/Therapist, Board Certified Holistic Functional Medicine Psychoneuroimmunology Practitioner
Soul Journey Coaching works with Forgiveness from the perspective of forgiving ourselves first for not knowing what we didn't know before we knew it, and forgiving ourselves fordoing what needed to be done to get thru a situation. We look at the situation/persons involved and work thru the process of forgiving in incremental stages that establish the desired result.  
24 Years Experience
Online in San Jose, California