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Pleasanton, California therapist: Dr. Rebecca Scott, Psy.D, psychologist
Sports Psychology

Dr. Rebecca Scott, Psy.D

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Certified in Holistic Health
I can provide motivation and sports psychology including relaxation techniques and exercises to help you reach your performance potential.  
15 Years Experience
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Malibu, California therapist: Dr. Linda Haack, Ph.D., psychologist
Sports Psychology

Dr. Linda Haack, Ph.D.

Dr. Linda Haack, Ph.D. has Sport Psychology speciality from United States International University. As a former figure skater (a USFSA Senior competitor in singles and Junior competitor in pairs), Dr. Haack trained under World and Olympic coach John Nicks. She has coached skating herself in Hawaii, New Jersey and San Diego. She has worked as a sport psychologist consultant in Lake Arrowhead, with Robyn Cousins, “Making of a Champion” workshops with Randy Gardner, San Diego Senior and Junior precision teams and other skaters rom amateurs to professionals. She has conducted workshops both at local rinks and skating conferences. Dr. Haack has also conducted workshops at various coaches' conventions, National Championships and Olympic Training Camps. She has conducted research in the area of Fear of Failure and Fear of Success as well as Learning Styles. Dr. Haack is currently on the Board of Directors for the United States Figure Skating Association Sports Medicine Society.  
33 Years Experience
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Los Angeles, California therapist: Dr. Sari Shepphird, psychologist
Sports Psychology

Dr. Sari Shepphird

Psychologist, Ph.D.
Dr. Sari is beyond an expert in sports psychology and recognized as an award winning leader in sport & performance psychology. She works with athletes, coaches, teams and performers from every premiere sport. She works with World Champions, Olympians, elite athletes, and rising stars from nearly every sport imaginable.  
28 Years Experience
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Visalia, California therapist: Ilah Brock - Central Valley Hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist
Sports Psychology

Ilah Brock - Central Valley Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist, C.Ht
The heading is Sports Psychology - But, what I really think it should say is Sports Performance - That's my specific scope in this category - You have a fear of jumping too high? running too fast? getting that shot off without that little tic at the end of your swing? Lining up your iron sites and just can't seem to relax at the trigger pull? So many other areas of sports performance and confidence that you can achieve your desired sports goal. Any sport! Some conditions may warrant a medical or menthal health awareness referral.  
7 Years Experience
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Los Angeles, California therapist: Philip Starkman, registered psychotherapist
Sports Psychology

Philip Starkman

Registered Psychotherapist, MSW, RSW
In my practice, I offer tailored support for athletes at different stages of their careers—those striving for peak performance and those transitioning into retirement. For competitive athletes, my approach integrates Mindfulness, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Role-Playing, Imagery and Visualization, Goal Setting, and Resilience Training. This multifaceted strategy is designed to enhance focus, manage stress, refine mental rehearsal techniques, establish clear objectives, and build mental toughness. By employing these tools, I aim to assist athletes in reaching their highest potential, overcoming performance anxiety, and achieving both their short-term and long-term sporting goals. On the other hand, for athletes facing the end of their competitive careers, I provide support through Transition Coaching, alongside the continued use of Mindfulness, EFT, IFS, and CBT. This phase focuses on navigating the emotional and identity challenges that come with retirement from sports. We work on finding new purpose, adjusting to life beyond competition, and maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle. The goal is to ensure a smooth transition, helping retired athletes to redefine their sense of self and discover new passions and interests outside of their athletic identities. In both cases, my role is to guide and support athletes through these critical phases, offering the insights and strategies necessary for mental and emotional well-being. Whether aiming for the pinnacle of athletic achievement or embracing the next chapter after sports, I am here to facilitate a journey of growth, resilience, and fulfillment.  
53 Years Experience
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