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Dublin, County Dublin therapist: John Castleford, registered psychotherapist
Chronic Pain or Illness

John Castleford

Registered Psychotherapist, MA, mARCHTI, FRAI
There isn't a specific category for cancer support, but that is becoming my main specialty. Having had both prostate cancer and bladder cancer (I am in remission for both) I know from personal experience how extremely challenging the diagnosis and treatment can be -- not only for sufferers, but also for family members, many of whom often feel helpless bystanders. Remission can also be challenging, especially when the fear of cancer returning continually haunts the mind. Sometimes treatment is limited and palliative care remains the last option. Helping you develop a positive mindset and optimal lifestyle strategies will complement primary health care by adding an additional dimension of support for you.  
14 Years Experience
In-Person in Dublin, Ireland
Online in Dublin, County Dublin
Dublin, County Dublin therapist: Mind and Body Works, counselor/therapist
Chronic Pain or Illness

Mind and Body Works

Counselor/Therapist, MIACP, MIAHIP, MPSI, COSRT,
We have a number of therapists who work with chronic pain or illness.  
23 Years Experience
In-Person in Dublin, Ireland
Online in Dublin, County Dublin
London, England therapist: Alison Edwards Therapy, Coaching & Supervision, psychologist
Chronic Pain or Illness

Alison Edwards Therapy, Coaching & Supervision

Psychologist, CBT Therapist, FMBPsS, MA (Hons), MSc, CertCouns, MSc
I’m experienced in working with long-term pain or physical health conditions which have taken a long time to be diagnosed or been difficult to manage. I provide the main recommended psychological therapies for these difficulties - CBT and ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) - and also Compassion-Focused Therapy and Mindfulness approaches. Sessions are tailored for the individual's needs, including ADHD or other neurodivergence. The conditions I see include blackouts/non-epileptic seizures, Functional Neurological Disorders, Functional Pain Syndromes, gut disorders, urinary tract problems, post-viral fatigue, ME, and Long Covid. I'm a committee member for a UK-wide expert group on non-epileptic seizures, Functional Neurological Disorders and medically unexplained symptoms, with my professional body the BABCP.  
16 Years Experience
Online in Dublin, County Dublin
Bognor Regis, England therapist: Fiona Grace, counselor/therapist
Chronic Pain or Illness

Fiona Grace

Counselor/Therapist, AdvDipCounselling &Pyschotherapy MBACP
Bognor Regis, Bristol, London, West Sussex I myself have a chronic pain condition and have done much research into these invisible illnesses and the lack of support that is available. It is hard to really understand how it feels to have these conditions unless you have experienced it yourself  
18 Years Experience
Online in Dublin, County Dublin
Carlow, County Carlow therapist: Clive Rooney CLIVECARE, registered psychotherapist
Chronic Pain or Illness

Clive Rooney CLIVECARE

Registered Psychotherapist, BA (HONS) Psych, H Dip Psychsis, Bsc Counselling & Psychotherapy, MA Cognitive Behavioural therapy
Through CBT clients learnt hat how we respond to pain has a different impact on our experience of pain. Learn to develop a biopsychosocial perspective on pain that help you not just manage your pain on a daily basis bit to grow your life around the pain.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Dublin, County Dublin