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Port St. Lucie, Florida therapist: Dr. Sharon Arrindell, counselor/therapist
Christian Counseling

Dr. Sharon Arrindell

Counselor/Therapist, EdD, DBC, DBS, MSC, Licensed with Federal Association of Christian Counselors and Therapists (FACCT)
Though my credentials allow me to work in either the secular or Christian realm of counseling, I have chosen the latter. I believe that God is always the unseen guest at every session and as a result has the last Word after I have spoken. With that in mind, the Bible and its truths are utilized.  
12 Years Experience
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Fort Pierce, Florida therapist: John S. Wilks-Young Jr., licensed mental health counselor
Christian Counseling

John S. Wilks-Young Jr.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MA, MBA, MHA, MHR, LMHC
Religion is a lens that helps us understand the world. Regardless of your specific religious affiliation or spiritual journey, your beliefs can help you make meaning of your relationships, personal experiences, and purpose. I as your Christian counselor, can help you deepen your reflection and provide alternative perspectives.  
17 Years Experience
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Windermere, Florida therapist: Selina Sites Certified Life & Health Coach, life coach
Christian Counseling

Selina Sites Certified Life & Health Coach

Life Coach, Health Coach Institute - Certified Life & Health Coach
Throughout the coaching process, I incorporate scriptural reflections and principles that are relevant to the challenges and opportunities my clients encounter enabling insights and perspectives from the Bible that can guide their decision-making and actions. In practicing Christian life coaching, I am committed to supporting individuals in their journey of faith and helping them integrate their beliefs into all aspects of life.  
3 Years Experience
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Tampa, Florida therapist: Dr. Le’ Isaac Gardner Msc.D. CTHT ORDM, hypnotherapist
Christian Counseling

Dr. Le’ Isaac Gardner Msc.D. CTHT ORDM

Hypnotherapist, Doctorate in Metaphysical Science, MSc.D. Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist CTHT
Each person has their own right to his or her way of worship. As an ordained minister, I am understanding of all faiths and choices of religion, and will guide you towards a path to the divine in you.  
12 Years Experience
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Hollywood, Florida therapist: Dr. Edward Ramos, pastoral counselor/therapist
Christian Counseling

Dr. Edward Ramos

Pastoral Counselor/Therapist, LCMFC, RBT, MBT, BAC, ACM
Are you struggling? Sad? Distressed? Overwhelmed? Suffering or hurting in some way? But you know that God and the Bible has the answer to your questions but it seems like you can't find someone who understand the importance of the Bible and your faith in achieving the result you are looking for. You are not alone, I can help you overcome these challenges. It takes courage to reach out for help and you are brave for taking this courageous step. As a Christian Counselor I utilize prayer, Biblical effective curriculum, personal and professional experience to help you To get a consultation at no charge! Call me today (954) 526-5522 For more information go to:  
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