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Arlington Heights, Illinois therapist: Dr. Mitchell Hicks, psychologist
Thinking Disorders

Dr. Mitchell Hicks

Psychologist, PhD, ABPP
Are you feeling depressed or anxious? Are your life and relationships unfulfilling? Can't let go of past hurts? Using sex or the internet to avoid others or painful emotions? Nothing gets better no matter what you try? Maybe it's time for a change!  
26 Years Experience
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Noblesville, Indiana therapist: Warriors Respite, counselor/therapist
Thinking Disorders

Warriors Respite

Counselor/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, CADC
Indeed, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness are powerful tools that can effectively address a wide range of thinking disorders and challenges. By combining these evidence-based approaches, I provide a comprehensive framework to help clients navigate their thoughts and emotions in a more constructive way. CBT enables individuals to identify and reframe negative thought patterns, allowing them to gain a clearer perspective on their issues. Mindfulness, on the other hand, cultivates awareness of the present moment and helps individuals develop a non-judgmental attitude towards their thoughts and feelings. This combination of CBT and mindfulness provides a versatile approach that can be tailored to various concerns, from perfectionism and self-esteem issues to suicidal thoughts and beyond. My goal is to empower clients with practical techniques that can help them better manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, ultimately fostering positive change and enhancing overall well-being.  
7 Years Experience
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Thinking Disorders

Eileen Messing, Psy.D., P.A. and Associates and the Memory Testing Center

Psychologist, Florida Licensed Psychologist
neuropsychological assessment of cognitive disorders  
26 Years Experience
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