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Gaithersburg, Maryland therapist: Washington Psychological Wellness, counselor/therapist
Dissociative Disorders

Washington Psychological Wellness

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Bethesda, Maryland therapist: Dr. Patricia Webbink, psychologist
Dissociative Disorders

Dr. Patricia Webbink

Psychologist, MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology
For many years I have worked with clients who have dissociative disorders as individuals, in couples and in families and in groups. Dissociation is a defense to deal with trauma, so that a person is distanced from what is happening., Popular books such as "Three faces of Eve" and "I Never Promised you a Rose Garden" outline what this"split personality" can look like. Itis called DID or dissociative Identity Disorder. Many are treated with hypnosis so that the different personalities can be integrated/ Some of these clients are on medication and being treated by psychiatrists as well. Also, I have worked with other therapists' clients with Dissociative Identity Disorders when the therapists were on vacation. Clients with this diagnosis often take a large proportion of a clinician's time, and the responsible therapist cannot leave without having adequate cover. I offer free zoom seminars, which promote a positive view of life and help with issues of integrating different parts of a person's self as well as their relationships. Please feel free to call for a consultation: 301-229-8000  
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Ellicott City, Maryland therapist: Stacey Hellman, licensed clinical social worker
Dissociative Disorders

Stacey Hellman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW-C
Dissociation operates on a spectrum and dissociative disorders occur as a direct result of long-term trauma starting in early childhood and continuing throughout adolescence. Dissociation is a childhood survival strategy but can be disempowering in adulthood and actually cause problems. I am trauma certified and can provide psychoeducation about trauma and dissociation. I teach clients how to recognize when a dissociative episode is about to happen and can provide simple, concrete grounding tools to help clients prevent dissociation, and how to "bring themselves back" if they do become dissociated. We can practice these tools over and over in session with the intention of clients using them on their own in-between sessions as much as possible. The best way to learn these tools is to practice them when the client ISN'T dissociated so that over time it becomes more natural and the client doesn't have to think too hard about what to do or how to do them. I provide an in-depth evaluation at the beginning of therapy to determine the level/degree of dissociation a person may be experiencing.  
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Baltimore, Maryland therapist: Nancy Hayes-Gary, Psy.D., psychologist
Dissociative Disorders

Nancy Hayes-Gary, Psy.D.

Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist, MD , Psy.D.
Grounding, soothing, and leaning to separate out past trauma from present reality helps decrease dissociation. I also approach this with some of the approaches I’ve already mentioned. People who dissociate are often plagued with past thoughts or memories of a very difficult time. Exploring childhood patterns of family interactions gives one a key to understanding their dissociation as a trauma response. Also essential is the learning of other trauma responses that don’t come with the down sides of dissociating, like memory problems or depersonalization/derealization anxiety.  
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Denver, Colorado therapist: Dr. Trey Cole, psychologist
Dissociative Disorders

Dr. Trey Cole

Psychologist, Psy.D., ABPP, DAAETS
Do you have trouble remembering certain events, specifically traumatic ones, or seem to "lose" time? Do you find yourself "checking out?" If so, please reach out and learn how to be more present and engaged in your life.  
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