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Minneapolis, Minnesota therapist: Daniel Johnson, licensed professional counselor
Men’s Issues

Daniel Johnson

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPCC, NCC
I have experience assisting client's wishing to address a variety of men's mental and physical health concerns; and can help you uncover and manage root causes of distress related to Men's health, masculinity, in our modern age.  
4 Years Experience
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Minneapolis, Minnesota therapist: Daniel Kessler, psychologist
Men’s Issues

Daniel Kessler

Psychologist, PsyD., DBSM
Common topics men come to therapy for include navigating relationship dynamics, handling stress, fatherhood and family responsibilities, sexual issues, career pressures, overcoming issues related to emotional repression and mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Dr. Kessler helps with communication skills, self-esteem and developing healthier coping mechanisms. A good men’s issues therapist recognizes the importance of a supportive and understanding environment where men can explore and address these issues without judgment, leading to improved mental health and well-being. When addressing men's issues, Dr. Kessler often addresses concerns like managing societal expectations and stereotypes, dealing with traditional notions of masculinity, and addressing emotional expression and mental health in a way that aligns with their personal identity.  
28 Years Experience
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Minneapolis, Minnesota therapist: Allen Wood, psychologist
Men’s Issues

Allen Wood

Psychologist, Psy.D.
Whether we focus on masculinity or not, the pressures and expectations that men can face create a unique dynamic that can't be ignored. As a psychologist specializing in men's issues, I integrate Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) with Internal Family Systems (IFS) to reinforce your strengths while exploring the aspects of your life that don't fit or work as well as you'd want. I draw upon the principles of Interpersonal Neurobiology to understand how our situation, relationships, internal conflicts, and past experiences can impact the body and brain in ways that disrupt our daily life. In our work together, you can expect a high level of collaboration, deeply compassionate understanding, and an abundance of metaphors as we tailor the therapy process to your needs, strengths, and situation.  
6 Years Experience
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Saint Paul, Minnesota therapist: Joe Groninga, psychologist
Men’s Issues

Joe Groninga

Psychologist, PsyD, LP
Men often experience themselves, the world, and relationships in some fundamentally different ways than women. Moreover, they're often conditioned to ignore their own emotional experiences and needs. This can result in a great deal of distress that often leave men feeling frustrated and confused. I enjoy teaching men concrete skills for better understanding themselves and their needs, and then effectively express those needs in a way that is more likely to get them met.  
19 Years Experience
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Lakeville, Minnesota therapist: Matthew Syzdek, psychologist
Men’s Issues

Matthew Syzdek

Psychologist, PhD, LP, MBA
If you aren't reaching your goals, feel unfulfilled, or struggle to keep close relationships, there is a path forward towards a more fulfilling life. Don't gamble when choosing a therapist. You deserve a psychologist who will adapt the best science to your specific needs and goals. Many therapists themselves are burned out and can't give the best care to their clients. Dr Syzdek built a small boutique practice where he limits the number of clients he treats, so he can give his clients the time, thought, and dedication that they deserve. Dr Syzdek combines compassion with the science of behavior change to help you make the the difficult decisions in life and take action, so you can live a happier life, thrive at work, love your relationships, and have fun again. Dr Syzdek treats relationship and interpersonal issues typically using Functional Analytic Psychotherapy and/or Assertiveness Training. These approaches combine new insights with new skills so you can be more effective in your relationships and re-build damaged relationships.  
12 Years Experience
In-Person Near Minneapolis, MN
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota