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East Rochester, New York therapist: Patricia Petrone, registered psychotherapist
Sexual Addiction

Patricia Petrone

Registered Psychotherapist, LMHC, NCC, CMHIMP, CNC
Sexual addiction can often be debilitating, affecting your most important relationships. There is hope and help waiting for you. I am dedicated to helping those who are struggling with sexual concerns. Call or text me today.  
15 Years Experience
In-Person in Pittsford, NY 14534
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Manhattan, New York therapist: Gabe Lopez, pre-licensed professional
Sexual Addiction

Gabe Lopez

Pre-Licensed Professional, LMSW
Feeling like you don't have control over your sexual behavior can be incredibly scary and vulnerable! It may be causing harm in your relationships, your personal, or your professional life. Together we will explore the ways that you're out of control sexual behavior is impacting you, what your goals are, and begin to identify the reasons behind this behavior.  
0 Years Experience
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Manhattan, New York therapist: James Foley Sexual Misbehavior, Infidelity , Expert 26 Years Experience, licensed clinical social worker
Sexual Addiction

James Foley Sexual Misbehavior, Infidelity , Expert 26 Years Experience

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW-R, SOTS,
I help persons with what some persons describe as "Sexual Addiction". I help persons who have crossed some consequence creating boundary with their sexual behavior. An example might be breaking professional boundaries and having sexual contact with a client. It could be sexually harassing or interacting with a work subordinate. Sending porn or "dick pics" to persons who it would create consequences for you doing so could also be an example. Getting yourself humiliated by being extorted for paid sexual services or sexually interacting with persons online would be another example. I have seen almost all possible examples of persons making real world consequences for themselves with sexual misbehavior. There is almost nothing in their realm I have not seen a great many times over. I have a fantastic record of success in helping persons learn how to think and act in ways which remove these misbehaviors from their life.  
26 Years Experience
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Manhattan, New York therapist: Dr. Eric Fields, psychologist
Sexual Addiction

Dr. Eric Fields

Psychologist, PsyD
If you are struggling with any type of compulsive behavioral pattern or addiction, I am a highly effective and experienced psychologist who can help you immensely. My approach is not based off of the "same old" addiction treatment. I won't push you to attend Anonymous Groups (AA, NA, GA, OA, etc.). I also won't demand that you be abstinent first for a period of time before I will treat you (many therapists unfortunately operate this way). Furthermore, I won't even demand that you work towards abstinence or sobriety. And I will not tell you that you have a disease and are helpless over it or that it is your primary problem (it often is not). So what will I demand of you? My only request is that you attend your weekly treatment therapy sessions on a consistent, regular basis. My approach is very collaborative, and together we will discover what goals are best for you. You will have a lot of input into this important goal setting step. I have some patients who have goals of abstinence, moderation, mere reduction of the behavior, or substitution (switching to a less harmful behavior). Aside from behavioral goals, some of the most important goals will be to identify the functions or reasons for your compulsive behavior and then address them in healthier, more effective ways. I call my approach a "whole person" treatment because we are not just trying to address your addiction or compulsive behavior, but we are trying to improve all of you! This could include your emotional and mental health, physical health, work performance, academic success, relationships (i.e., with family, romantic partners, peers, and colleagues), and so forth. With my therapy, you will ultimately become a far better version of yourself and can even reach your potential. If you want top-notch service, an approach based on a wealth of experience and evidence-based knowledge, a truly innovative and inspirational therapist, you are ready for real-life changes, and you don't want to pay for inappropriate judgments, stigmas, biases, or antiquated ideas, then I am the right professional for you. Aside from the invaluable personal growth and development you can experience with me, my approach may even save you money in the long run! Think about how much money you may be spending each week on alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, etc., or the time wasted on your compulsions (including sex and food-related ones) that could have been invested in your career or other life-changing opportunities! E-mail or call me today and let's start getting you on track to living the life you truly deserve, one that can be so rewarding and fulfilling. And if you are hesitant about therapy, then take another step in the right direction and read my new book that outlines lots of effective strategies: "The New Trend of Solving Addiction Problems" (available on Amazon).  
22 Years Experience
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Manhattan, New York therapist: New York Pathways, licensed clinical social worker
Sexual Addiction

New York Pathways

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, LMSW, CSAT
New York Pathways offers personalized sex addiction therapy to individuals struggling with compulsive sexual behavior or sex addiction. Our team of licensed therapists are specially trained in sex addiction treatment and therapy, and each bring a personal commitment to your healing and recovery. Treatment at New York Pathways focuses on abstinence from destructive behavior, and aims to help you develop a healthy sexuality. Clients at New York Pathways will engage in individual and group therapy in order to rebuild lives lost to sex addiction.  
17 Years Experience
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