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East Rochester, New York therapist: Patricia Petrone, registered psychotherapist
Women's Issues

Patricia Petrone

Registered Psychotherapist, LMHC, NCC, CMHIMP, CNC
A woman's struggle is unique. I am a therapist who understands woman's issues intimately. I am here to help you through life's hurdles, always striving to empower you, and see you find your truest potential as a woman in today's world.  
15 Years Experience
In-Person in Pittsford, NY 14534
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New York City, New York therapist: Jenna Smith, therapist
Women's Issues

Jenna Smith

Therapist, MA, LCAT, MT-BC
I have a passion for working with women who struggle with depression, anxiety and those who experience trauma and struggle with self-worth.  
11 Years Experience
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New York City, New York therapist: Brianna Paruolo, pre-licensed professional
Women's Issues

Brianna Paruolo

Pre-Licensed Professional, MHC-LP
Is the pressure to be perfect leaving you feeling stuck and unfulfilled? With mindfulness therapy, you'll learn how to build separation from perfection and embrace your unique strengths and qualities. By exploring the root causes of your self-doubt, you'll gain a fresh perspective on your life and be equipped with the tools to conquer anxiety, depression, and procrastination. With time, you'll see yourself from a balanced perspective and celebrate all that makes you uniquely you  
2 Years Experience
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Manhattan, New York therapist: MERLYN HURD PHD QEEG D, psychologist
Women's Issues


Psychologist, PHD; QEEG D BCB, BCN
Women's issues have been a focus of my work from the beginning. Helping women to become more assertive, empowered and with know who they are has been integral in successfully working with female clients.  
37 Years Experience
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Manhattan, New York therapist: Asha Kadir, counselor/therapist
Women's Issues

Asha Kadir

Counselor/Therapist, MHC-LP
I enjoy working with women on issues of health, wellbeing, relationships, cultural difficulties. I'm a compassionate and culturally-competent therapist and counselor, with an interest in working with individuals and couples including on all kinds of issues. I believe we can all experience helping people move towards a better and healthier life. I'm trained in DBT, CBT, compassion focused therapy and couples work, and I especially enjoy working with people bringing issues concerning race, culture, religion and spirituality. I offer a free 15-minute consultation with anyone interested in working with me, and I look forward to speaking with you about what you want to accomplish in therapy.  
1 Years Experience
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