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Norfolk, Virginia therapist: Grace in the Shadows, licensed professional counselor

Grace in the Shadows

Licensed Professional Counselor, PhD, MDiv, MA, NCMHC, ALMHC, VALMHC
I approach the challenges of divorce with empathy, guidance, and a foundation rooted in Christian principles. Recognizing the emotional turmoil and spiritual implications of divorce, I create a supportive space for individuals to navigate the complexities of separation. Drawing upon biblical teachings on forgiveness, healing, and God's plan, I encourage clients to explore their faith as a source of strength and resilience during this difficult time. Practical strategies for coping with grief, loss, and adjusting to a new life are integrated with discussions on scriptural wisdom. I also address issues related to forgiveness, guilt, and rebuilding a sense of identity after divorce. By incorporating Christian values into the therapeutic process, I aim to help individuals find healing, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose as they navigate the challenges of divorce within the context of their faith.  
2 Years Experience
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Charlotte, North Carolina therapist: Dr. Robert MacCaughelty, psychologist

Dr. Robert MacCaughelty

Psychologist, PhD, Licensed Practicing Psychologist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Psychological therapies are powerful and proven methods to enhance quality of life by healing heart, soul, and body/mind - mind/body. They are effective for healing the psychological wounds of living and for treating mental illness. Psychotherapy has prevention value regarding many social tragedies.  
44 Years Experience
In-Person in Charlotte, NC 28209
Belmont, North Carolina therapist: Molly Halbrooks, counselor/therapist

Molly Halbrooks

Counselor/Therapist, LMFT
I work with individuals who are considering a divorce or separation, are in the midst of the process, or who have been recently divorced or separated. Our scope of focus includes creating space for grieving the relationship, discerning the best way forward, and processing the impact of the divorce or separation. We also explore how to separate well, particularly when children are involved.  
11 Years Experience
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Gastonia, North Carolina therapist: Groves Counseling Center, counselor/therapist

Groves Counseling Center

Counselor/Therapist, LCMHC-S, LCMHC, LCAS, MDIV
Our goal is to assist marriages to overcome the struggles that lead couples to divorce but we also assist individuals who are struggling with the loss of the marriage and the overwhelming feelings of loss.  
8 Years Experience
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Cornelius, North Carolina therapist: Cecelia Myers, counselor/therapist

Cecelia Myers

Counselor/Therapist, LCMHC (NC), RPT-S, LPC (GA), Licensed telehealth provider SC
Divorce is never easy for anyone in the family. I have experience in helping children and parents navigate this difficult life change. I can provide Divorce Coaching to assist parents in helping their children through this time as well as keeping themselves emotionally healthy. I am trained in Divorce Mediation and Co Parenting counseling.  
15 Years Experience
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