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Houghton Lake, Michigan therapist: Susan Spicer, psychologist
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Susan Spicer

Psychologist, PhD
I possess a wealth of expertise in effectively addressing the complex issue of narcissistic abuse. I have created and published extensive resources on this topic, including audios, videos, eBooks, and The Narcissistic Abuse Survival Tool Kit. These resources have helped thousands of individuals on their journey towards healing from the trauma of narcissistic abuse. This form of abuse often leaves individuals feeling bewildered, isolated, and trapped in a perpetual cycle of walking on eggshells. My approach is rooted in fostering a deep understanding of the covert tactics employed by narcissists, such as gaslighting, manipulation, projection, and DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender). I guide clients in learning to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, a crucial step towards reclaiming their lives. Furthermore, I incorporate EMDR therapy to support individuals in coping with the effects of a narcissistic relationship and, when necessary, summoning the inner strength to break free from it.  
23 Years Experience
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Newport Beach, California therapist: Dr. Lyndsay Elliott, psychologist
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Dr. Lyndsay Elliott

Psychologist, PsyD.
Treatment for those who are in relationships with people who have narcissistic personality disorder. Therapy empowers survivors of trauma to recognize and challenge negative self-perceptions, anxiety, and self-doubt, which are all common outcomes of narcissistic abuse.  
18 Years Experience
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Cleveland, Ohio therapist: Benjamin Miller, Ph.D., psychologist
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Benjamin Miller, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Ph.D.
I work extensively with both Clinical and Forensic populations, delivering targeted Behavioral, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), and Dialectical Behavioral (DBT) Therapies tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. I specialize in working with adolescents and adults with Personality Disorders (Borderline, Narcissistic, Antisocial), Mood Disorders (Anxiety, Depression), Behavioral Disorders (Oppositionality, Anger), and Sexual Dysfunction. In addition, I treat sex offenders, individuals convicted of violent and non-violent criminal offenses, perpetrators of domestic violence, and other forensic populations. * In my capacity as a Psychological Evaluator, I conduct thorough diagnostic clarification of psychological symptoms in clients of all ages. These range from Sexual Disorders, to Developmental Disorders (Autism Spectrum, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity), Substance Use Disorders, Mood Disorders (Bipolar, Obsessive-Compulsive), and Personality Disorders. * In my Forensic Evaluation work, I conduct assessments upon referral from the Courts, private, state, and federal agencies, self-referrals, and attorneys. These Evaluations include: Fitness for Duty (FFD), Sex Offender Risk Assessments, Violence Risk Assessment, Psychosexual, Substance Abuse, Competency to Stand Trial, and Parenting, as well as Pre-Sentence Investigations, and various other forensic evaluations.  
9 Years Experience
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Lakeville, Minnesota therapist: Matthew Syzdek, psychologist
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Matthew Syzdek

Psychologist, PhD, LP, MBA
If you aren't reaching your goals, feel unfulfilled, or struggle to keep close relationships, there is a path forward towards a more fulfilling life. Don't gamble when choosing a therapist. You deserve a psychologist who will adapt the best science to your specific needs and goals. Many therapists themselves are burned out and can't give the best care to their clients. Dr Syzdek built a small boutique practice where he limits the number of clients he treats, so he can give his clients the time, thought, and dedication that they deserve. Dr Syzdek combines compassion with the science of behavior change to help you make the the difficult decisions in life and take action, so you can live a happier life, thrive at work, love your relationships, and have fun again. Dr Syzdek treats relationship and interpersonal issues typically using Functional Analytic Psychotherapy and/or Assertiveness Training. These approaches combine new insights with new skills so you can be more effective in your relationships and re-build damaged relationships.  
11 Years Experience
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