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Burleson, Texas therapist: Dr Kathryn Foster, psychologist
Dissociative Disorders

Dr Kathryn Foster

Psychologist, Ph.D., Psychologist
I've worked with dissociative disorders for 32 years and heave helped many people recover fully. If you're losing time, feel like you have more than one identity, there is hope.  
37 Years Experience
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Mansfield, Texas therapist: Regal Oak Counseling, LLC, licensed professional counselor
Dissociative Disorders

Regal Oak Counseling, LLC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Regal Oak Counseling can help you identify and address the emotional pain associated with dissociation often experienced with posttraumatic stress disorder and trauma. We offer EMDR and other therapies aimed at helping you reduce dissociation and regain control of your life.  
11 Years Experience
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Austin, Texas therapist: Ruben Garza, therapist
Dissociative Disorders

Ruben Garza

Therapist, LPC, LCDC
Discovering the true person within to live by.  
8 Years Experience
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Rockwall, Texas therapist: Dawn Nelson, counselor/therapist
Dissociative Disorders

Dawn Nelson

Counselor/Therapist, LCSW-S, ACSW, SAP, CART
Also known as Multiple Personality Disorder, this issue is actually a coping mechanism that helped you survive a traumatic time in your life. Now your mind is telling you that you are ready to resolve the past and move forward. I have the expertise to help you do that in a safe, caring environment.  
34 Years Experience
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Minneapolis, Minnesota therapist: Allen Wood, psychologist
Dissociative Disorders

Allen Wood

Psychologist, Psy.D.
Dissociation often goes hand-in-hand with stress, trauma, and other forms of emotional overwhelm. While the spectrum of dissociation ranges from zoning out to complete shut-down, it can create invisible barriers between you and your goals. If you're feeling stuck, confused about why your best efforts in life aren't as satisfying, or have tried therapy without success then don't hesitate to reach out. In working together, we would use EMDR and Internal Family Systems interventions to identify the areas where you're finding those barriers and build the resources, skills, and regulation to be able to achieve those goals without losing yourself along the way.  
6 Years Experience
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