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Rushworth, Victoria therapist: Israel Berger, counselor/therapist
Suicidal Thoughts

Israel Berger

Counsellor/Therapist, MBBS, MPsych, PhD, CCTP
I have lived experience of depression and suicidal ideation. I have worked with a number of people experiencing suicidal ideation and spoken out about healthcare provider suicide. I aim to help you get on top of the thoughts you might be having as well as their causes.  
18 Years Experience
In-Person in Rushworth, VIC 3612
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Parramatta, New South Wales therapist: Shareen Birges, registered social worker
Suicidal Thoughts

Shareen Birges

Registered Social Worker, BASS, GDYMH, MSW
In my experience suicidal thoughts are the mind's way of letting us know that we are overwhelmed by our emotional, mental & psychological pain. Supporting people around this issue requires empathy, understanding & compassion. This is important because individuals need to feel able to be open & honest about suicidal ideation & thoughts. As a professional I have worked with countless people around this issue, which often goes hand in hand with depression and/or a trauma background. I feel I have the skill to build the necessary relationship to effect change & to help people who are vulnerable to harm to learn to protect themselves.  
16 Years Experience
Online in Rushworth, Victoria
Capalaba, Queensland therapist: PELLA Wellness., registered psychotherapist
Suicidal Thoughts

PELLA Wellness.

Registered Psychotherapist, Amanda Guilfoyle. M.Gestalt T. B.SocSci (Couns)
I have worked alongside many people across the lifespan who are experiencing suicidal thoughts . Together we will work on how these thoughts came to be and all the factors that led you to the thoughts. This is done with empathy and curiosity. We work together on finding solutions to keep you safe when you are feeling like life is too much. PELLA is not a crisis service , however works alongside people in a caring and supportive way to minimise suicidal thoughts , distress and harm. If you need immediate support due to feeling suicidal please call Australia - 000 America - 988 UK - 999  
9 Years Experience
Online in Rushworth, Victoria
Williamstown, Victoria therapist: Anna McKie, registered psychotherapist
Suicidal Thoughts

Anna McKie

Registered Psychotherapist, DipSomPsych., DipEd., BSc.
My experience is that suicidal thoughts arise from situations in life having become unbearable and seeing suicide as the only way out. I listen and do my best to understand where these thoughts are coming from, and together work to find other pathways forward  
16 Years Experience
Online in Rushworth, Victoria
Bundall, Queensland therapist: Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!, psychologist
Suicidal Thoughts

Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!

Psychologist, Dual Degree: Psychology:Bachelor of Social Work: Bachelor of Social Sciences UQ/Qut
Sudiciality is indeed a serious matter. Thoughts of wanting to take our life is something that we can alleviate. This is achieved by contacting a professional person with a great deal of expertise within this area. I am that person, and, I encourage you to make contact with me as soon as possible, to speak with you about your menacing thoughts, and how to stop these, and help you to assist the quality of life you deserve. Please do contact me today. We can have you in a better place mentally, by next week.  
27 Years Experience
Online in Rushworth, Victoria