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Thinking Disorders

Ardross Psychology Practice

Psychologist, Registered Clinical Psychologists - Dr Peter Gibbons and Adri Hunt
Negative thoughts may be the result of physical, spiritual and psycho-social suffering or oddly enough, may act as a defense against suffering. Whichever way, thinking distortions may lead to more suffering. Therapy aims to identify how fear, anger, and panic can truncate thought processes and create distortions that become self-fulfilling prophecies. Therapists use talking therapy and a CBT process to help clients become aware of what is going on in their minds and how to monitor and adapt automatic negative thoughts  
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Sydney, New South Wales therapist: Hamada Els, psychologist
Thinking Disorders

Hamada Els

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist & Executive Coach
I work with clients on a range of issues relating to thinking disorders.  
23 Years Experience
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The Rocks, New South Wales therapist: Giulia Fiore, counselor/therapist
Thinking Disorders

Giulia Fiore

Cognitive distortions such as catastrophising and black and white thinking can be successfully addressed with therapy.  
5 Years Experience
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Wollongong, New South Wales therapist: Renee McDonald, therapist
Thinking Disorders

Renee McDonald

Therapist, B Couns (Coaching), Grad Dip Couns, M App Soc Sc, Cert IV TAE, Cert IV BE (Community)
Thinking disorders can be all pervasive and lead to larger problems in your life. Let's look at how your thoughts are impacting on your life so that we can work on positive coping strategies and work through any ruminations you're experiencing.  
20 Years Experience
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Bundall, Queensland therapist: Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!, psychologist
Thinking Disorders

Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!

Psychologist, AHPA, AASW.QCoss. Combined Degree: Psychology:Bachelor of Social Work: Bachelor of Social Sciences UQ/Qut
Thinking disorders can be many things, and to identify the origins of your thinking disorders, it is required that you talk to a professional with many years within this field of mental health. I have over twenty six years experience within the field of mental health. I can help you too to overcome your most debilitating thinking disorder. Take back control over your life, and learn again to live confident ally. Contact me to start your journey to recovery.  
26 Years Experience
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