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Austin, Texas therapist: Norma J. Perez, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Norma J. Perez

Psychologist, PhD
I'm not your ordinary therapist. I have 20 + years of experience as a therapist, plus I have the life experience of a wife of 43 years, mother of two, and grandmother of four. I am the therapist that people come in and say, "Wow, you helped me more in one session than I got out of years with several other therapists." I am fun, direct, empathetic, but direct so that you can have the results you are looking for in a short amount of time. I love what I do, so it's not work to me. I'm very interactive in sessions so there won't be many times where I just sit there and don't provide feedback. I'm the type of therapist that will call you out on your stuff so I can help you meet your goals and have better relationships with others. I love talking with potential clients to see if I'm a good fit. After a phone call with me you will be able to get a sense if I'm a good fit for you. Please give me a call and let's chat!  
20 Years Experience
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Chicago, Illinois therapist: Dr. Evette Addai, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr. Evette Addai

Psychologist, Ph.D.
Accepting new clients! Are you or your child finding it hard to cope with a medical diagnosis? Are you noticing changes where your child is having more tantrums, cannot follow instructions unless you repeat yourself, seems to be overthinking, spends more time in their room, or blows up over small things? We can work together to use evidence-based solutions to improve stress, change behaviors, and help create a hopeful future for you and/or your child. I have worked with many youth, adults, and families around healing from burnout, finding space for self-care when there's little time, and dealing with larger social stressors related to race/ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Curious to learn more about how I could be helpful? Lets chat! Schedule a free 15 phone minute consultation.  
4 Years Experience
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Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Dr. Enoch Sackey, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr. Enoch Sackey

Psychologist, PsyD
Do you frequently find yourself exhausted by the daily social concerns of financial matters and modern life? I get you, and I know it's overwhelming but there is some good news: there's a way out and I can help you. I am Dr. Sackey and I'd be glad to be part of your journey.  
2 Years Experience
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Nashville, Tennessee therapist: Dr. Megan Kloep, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr. Megan Kloep

Psychologist, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist
I have been a clinical psychologist for my entire professional career. I began seeing patients beginning in 2010, and have continued to do so with dedication and passion ever since. I was drawn to this profession because I desire to help others. I chose to pursue my doctorate because I wanted to research and be trained in the most effective ways to accomplish this. Being trained in a number of evidence-based interventions, I work to utilize the approach that is the right fit for YOU as an individual; I aim to provide evidence-based skills and tools to help you to feel empowered to manage your symptoms in the context of a caring and supportive therapeutic space.  
8 Years Experience
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Houston, Texas therapist: Christine Henry, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Christine Henry

Psychologist, Ph.D
As a neurodivergent therapist, I enjoy working with adults who are exploring or have recently discovered that they are ADHD, autistic, or both. We can find ways to adapt the world to better suit you instead of trying to fit into neurotypical standards. Learn how to improve your connections with others, strategies to regulate emotions, increase motivation, find more fulfillment at your job, and even experience moments of joy. I also specialize in grief, childhood, and religious trauma.  
17 Years Experience
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