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Waukesha, Wisconsin therapist: Patricia Gutierrez, licensed professional counselor

Patricia Gutierrez

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC, CSAC, ICS
As a person who has also suffered from anxiety and depression, I understand the uniqueness in every client I work with.  
26 Years Experience
In-Person in Waukesha, WI
Chicago, Illinois therapist: Michele Sitorus (Inner Peace Psychological Care), psychologist

Michele Sitorus (Inner Peace Psychological Care)

Psychologist, Psy.D.
We will explore the underlying causes of your depressive symptoms, which may include biological, psychological, and social factors. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is often used to help you identify and challenge negative thought patterns and develop more adaptive coping strategies.  
5 Years Experience
Online in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Mequon, Wisconsin therapist: Jeanine M Swenson, marriage and family therapist

Jeanine M Swenson

Marriage and Family Therapist, MD, LMFT
Depression can be a chronic concern that once activated, can slowly affect every system of the body and lead to a downward spiral of agony and suffering. If you are finding yourself consumed with negative thoughts, feelings and moods please seek help. Therapy and treatment can be the road out.  
35 Years Experience
In-Person Near Waukesha, WI
Online in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Houghton Lake, Michigan therapist: Susan Spicer, psychologist

Susan Spicer

Psychologist, PhD
In my therapeutic approach to helping individuals heal from depression, I draw upon my expertise as a licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist to provide a comprehensive and holistic path towards recovery. One of the core techniques I utilize is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, which is highly effective in reshaping the way negative memories are stored in the brain. As a neuropsychologist, I focus on rewiring the brain to release the grip of negative thought patterns and facilitate the creation of new neuropathways centered around self-love, gratitude, and empowerment. Recognizing the significant impact of repetitive thought patterns on mental well-being, I emphasize thought conditioning as a cornerstone of my approach. I empower individuals to rewire their brains for more adaptive thinking by teaching them techniques and strategies that lead to positive and constructive thought patterns. At the heart of my methodology is the cultivation of self-love, a fundamental component of mental and emotional healing. To achieve these transformative goals, I integrate various therapeutic tools and practices, including affirmations, meditation, journaling, and self-care routines. Additionally, I possess the skills necessary to assist individuals in uncovering and addressing blind spots and underlying core beliefs that may be contributing to their depression. By guiding my clients through this comprehensive process, I aim to empower them to take control of their mental health, embrace self-love, and ultimately find their path towards a brighter, more fulfilling life.  
24 Years Experience
Online in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Chandler, Arizona therapist: Dr. Rae Mazzei, psychologist

Dr. Rae Mazzei

Psychologist, PsyD, BCB
I have expertise in helping individuals overcome their suffering with depression. I take an integrative approach to treatment, focusing on healing the mind and body using proven psychological therapies. We will end your depression together so that you can live a happier, more engaging life.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Waukesha, Wisconsin