Getting the Most Out of Your Listing

Listing your practice in one or more therapist directory is a key component of a robust practice marketing strategy. However, there are a few things that must be done properly for this strategy to be effective.
Here are a few simple tips to help you get the most out of your professional listing.

Take a moment, and put yourself in your clients shoes. Does your profile show off your strengths and unique services? Based on what you see, would you call you?

The client search process is two steps.

Step one.
You need to stand out in search results. You have 10 seconds to connect with your potential client. Initially, prospective clients will judge you based on your photo and your personal statement. Is what you have written compelling? Have you clearly stated the value you provide as a therapist using empathetic first person language? Do you provide a call to action such as “I can help” or “Call for a free consultation.” If they like what they see they will click to learn more about you.

Step two.
Provide details and personality on your profile page. It is important that you complete all your profile details including a professional photo, a personal statement, your contact info, your specialties, a practice description and more. This is your store front, and clients want to get to know a bit about you before they reach out. There is a reason why over 70% of new patients are using the Internet to research and find a therapist. Today’s clients like to preview their options, shop and compare, before they invest their time in reaching out.

Please note, it is important you write original content for your profile page. Do not copy your descriptions from somewhere else on the web (like your website or another listing), it can have a negative effect on search engine results.

Spread the word.
Now that you have crafted a professional and compelling marketing page for your therapy practice share it with your clients, colleagues and more. Use the social share buttons at the top of your profile page to post to your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages.

Add your personalized “featured therapist” badge to your therapist website. Login to get your badge here! The more exposure your profile gets across multiple venues the more search power it has!

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