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Bognor Regis, England therapist: Fiona Grace, counselor/therapist

Fiona Grace

Counselor/Therapist, AdvDipCounselling &Pyschotherapy MBACP
Bognor Regis, Bristol, London, West Sussex it can be hard to forgive others but its often harder to forgive ourselves  
18 Years Experience
 therapist: Lakis Elezoglou, psychologist

Lakis Elezoglou

Psychologist, Psychologist (Merit), Positive Thinking Counsellor (Excellent), Biomedical Scientist (BSc. - Hons), Pharmacy (MSc. - Distinction)
Forgiveness is difficult to learn but immensely rewarding. It should be one of the core elements in our lives. I realised that early in life, I have managed it and I want others to do so, too.  
4 Years Experience
Carlow, County Carlow therapist: Clive Rooney CLIVECARE, registered psychotherapist

Clive Rooney CLIVECARE

Registered Psychotherapist, BA (HONS) Psych, H Dip Psychsis, Bsc Counselling & Psychotherapy, MA Cognitive Behavioural therapy
Forgiveness is a choice. Forgiveness is not a prerequisite for recovering from mental health difficulties. Learn through CBT that forgiveness must come from your decision to forgive. Sometimes giving in to others demands on you to forgive can impinge on your right to experience natural emotions like anger that must run their course. Sometimes there are other sources of forgiveness for people that have harmed us that are not your responsibility. Learn how to embrace forgiveness as a personal choice and something that resides in you.  
10 Years Experience
In-Person in Carlow, Ireland
Online in Ireland
 therapist: Debbie Debonaire, counselor/therapist

Debbie Debonaire

Counselor/Therapist, BA Hons, IMTTA, Heartmath Coach
Forgiveness therapy, or Forgiveness Counseling, is a specialised area focused on helping individuals release feelings of anger, resentment, and hurt that can impede personal growth and emotional well-being. This therapeutic approach is vital for those seeking to mend relationships, overcome past traumas, or achieve inner peace by letting go of grudges. As a counsellor, I employ cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and empathy development to guide clients through forgiveness, promoting healing and healthier emotional states—these aid individuals in fostering compassion, enhancing mental health, and improving overall life satisfaction. I empower individuals to examine the art of forgiveness and how it can release them of past emotions and torments that are keeping them stuck in their present lives. This allows them the freedom to move forward and live a more fulfilling life that is not weighed down by others.  
8 Years Experience
London, England therapist: Aleksandra Pamphlett - Cert. Coach & Psychologist, life coach

Aleksandra Pamphlett - Cert. Coach & Psychologist

Life Coach, MAC, MSc, BSc Hons,
In the process of forgiveness, there's a journey towards personal liberation. As a psychologist I provide a space for practical exploration and understanding. Together, we'll work on releasing resentment and pain through tailored strategies. It's about finding genuine peace and empowerment, moving forward with a lighter heart. Let's navigate this path to forgiveness together, focusing on real solutions and fostering emotional well-being.  
10 Years Experience

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