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Dublin, County Dublin therapist: John Castleford, registered psychotherapist
Men’s Issues

John Castleford

Registered Psychotherapist, MA, mARCHTI, FRAI
It doesn't take much for external circumstances and associated changes of how we think for this to have a negative impact our sex lives, whether this is an inexorable diminishment in intimacy or physical changes that affect our lives. Neuroplasticity has shown that impotence from prostate surgery, for example, is not inevitable: the brain can and does develop new pathways when old ones become dysfunctional. Lack of confidence with potential partners is often due to a fear of not being good enough or an unwillingness to risk being rejected. And uncertainty about aspects of male sexuality can also be resolved.  
14 Years Experience
In-Person in Dublin, Ireland
In-Person in Birmingham, ENG
Online in Ireland, United Kingdom
Dublin, County Dublin therapist: Mind and Body Works, counselor/therapist
Men’s Issues

Mind and Body Works

Counselor/Therapist, MIACP, MIAHIP, MPSI, COSRT,
We have a number of therapists who work with men's issues.  
23 Years Experience
In-Person in Dublin, Ireland
In-Person in Donnybrook, Ireland
Online in Ireland
London, England therapist: Alison Edwards Therapy, Coaching & Supervision, psychologist
Men’s Issues

Alison Edwards Therapy, Coaching & Supervision

Psychologist, CBT Therapist, FMBPsS, MA (Hons), MSc, CertCouns, MSc
I'm experienced in supporting men who are childless, whose partners have gone through various fertility problems, miscarriage, or secondary infertility, which is a topic that men have very few opportunities to discuss.  
16 Years Experience
Online in Ireland, United Kingdom
Carlow, County Carlow therapist: Clive Rooney CLIVECARE, registered psychotherapist
Men’s Issues

Clive Rooney CLIVECARE

Registered Psychotherapist, BA (HONS) Psych, H Dip Psychsis, Bsc Counselling & Psychotherapy, MA Cognitive Behavioural therapy
Learn to build confidence by using an effective CBT self help plan to help yourself first to overcome stigmas peoples opinions. When you have mastered this skill the CBT self help plan can help you to then deal with difficult topics through support, guidance and compassion. Its not just the issues but how you handle the issues that are crucial in overcoming them.  
10 Years Experience
In-Person in Carlow, Ireland
Online in Ireland
Lancing, England therapist: Jerry Ramsden, counselor/therapist
Men’s Issues

Jerry Ramsden

Counselor/Therapist, (Dip.Couns)
Being a man who's lived with poor mental health for over 40 years, along with my qualifications and experience, I'm extremely passionate and knowledgeable about all areas of men's physical and mental health.  
20 Years Experience
Houston, Texas therapist: Vincent Sanchez, life coach
Men’s Issues

Vincent Sanchez

Life Coach, Master Certified Life Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200, Meditation & Mindful Resilience for Trauma (MRT)
Given recents changes in mental health awareness and well-being, much of the stigma associated with masculinity prompted reduced barriers for men seeking assistance. As a Veteran having lived and experienced a hyper-masculine identity, I appreciate the level of trust and commitment many undertake to redefine themselves as they embrace emotional healing and coaching. We'll partner to determine what it means for you to be your authentic and true self free of society's imprint on your journey.  
6 Years Experience

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