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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Josh Dempsey, Empowered Life Counselling, counselor/therapist

Josh Dempsey, Empowered Life Counselling

Counsellor/Therapist, RTC, CT
As a therapist specializing in trauma-informed care and a Health & Wellness Coach, my focus is on cultivating confidence, self-awareness, and empowerment in my clients. Whether through a light-hearted approach or a deeper exploration, I strive to enhance understanding of the emotions that shape the narratives we construct about ourselves and the world. I encourage clients to view their lives through intentional lenses, prompting reflection on how their choices and perspectives align with their goals and values. I invite you to book a complimentary 15 minute consultation to discuss whether or not I can be of assistance to you in the situation you find yourself in.  
2 Years Experience
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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Daniel Klassen, psychologist

Daniel Klassen

Psychologist, Provisional Psychologist (P7619) in Alberta, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC 19147) for the rest of Canada
Daniel, who endured early childhood trauma, possesses profound insight into suffering and adversity. Through the support of others, he stabilized his life and gained a deep understanding of the origins of his challenges. He learned how to address these issues mentally and emotionally, avoid further harm, and ultimately, how to thrive. Drawing from his personal journey and extensive formal education, Daniel now offers effective counseling and therapy, utilizing proven techniques. Daniel is characterized by his humility and gentleness, yet he is also clear and firm. As a skilled therapist, he is dedicated to his clients' well-being, striving to help them attain security, comprehend their experiences, and develop the freedom and openness necessary to forge a fulfilling path forward.  
5 Years Experience
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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Shari Derksen, psychologist

Shari Derksen

Psychologist, R. Psych.
Connection and sexual expression are key to our existence as humans. I support clients in releasing shame, fears, patterns, and blockages that get in the way of their relationships, intimacy, and sexual expression in a non-judging environment that is LGBTQ and polyamory/LS Lifestyle/kink affirming. Find your voice in relationships and freedom in sexual expression. Create the life that you want.  
13 Years Experience
In-Person in Calgary, AB T3A 0X9
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Kelowna, British Columbia therapist: Alain Langlais, licensed professional counselor

Alain Langlais

Licensed Professional Counsellor, M.H., RTC, C.CH T
My approach to counselling is to respect and value the uniqueness of every individual and where they are. I work to support them using creativity, with warmth, understanding and at times, a touch of humour when appropriate.  
16 Years Experience
Online in Calgary, Alberta
Oakville, Ontario therapist: Aleksei Panov, registered psychotherapist

Aleksei Panov

Registered Psychotherapist, MA Psy, MS Psy, RP
I am a registered psychotherapist with experience over 15 years in psychotherapy and counselling. I work with individuals and couples. I specialize in working with anxiety, anger, depression, lack of motivation, and hopelessness. I am also very experienced in teaching communication skills and negotiations. Everything is possible if you work on it, so I am focused on solutions and actions in practice. I try to be creative and use evidence-based psychotherapeutic approaches. My sessions are focused on results, but I use a deep understanding and analysis of the roots of the issues. I have a background in CBT, psychoanalysis and psychodynamic techniques.  
15 Years Experience
Online in Calgary, Alberta