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Wetaskiwin, Alberta therapist: Lorna Barnes, Oak Tree Counselling, licensed professional counselor

Lorna Barnes, Oak Tree Counselling

Licensed Professional Counsellor, CT, CPC
I love to work with parents who are struggling to parent their children. We'll look for patterns that come from root issues that may be impeding clients' ability to parent. Psychoeducation is important in this area so new skills can be developed. I supply parenting resources and believe the connection and attachment we develop with our children early in their lives creates a calm well adjusted child.  
21 Years Experience
In-Person in Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 2W5
Online in Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Beaumont, Alberta therapist: Kim Silverthorn - Tacit Knowledge, counselor/therapist

Kim Silverthorn - Tacit Knowledge

Counsellor/Therapist, B.A., R.P.C., M.P.C.C., C.T.
Tacit provides support to parents who have younger children who are struggling with a wide variety of issues - we do not work directly with the children themselves. But rather, we help educate the parents about the child's issues, and help the parents learn effective coping strategies that can then be implemented with the child in the moment/as needed.  
34 Years Experience
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Didsbury, Alberta therapist: Meredith Mpinga, counselor/therapist

Meredith Mpinga

Counsellor/Therapist, MA, CPC
As a mum of five kids, I get it. I get how hard it is to be the parent you hoped to be, when your kids are struggling and the work is piling up and the time is short. Often parenting can bring up struggles from our past, default ways of relating which we don't want our kids to experience. As we face our own pain, we're able to heal both for our own sake and the sake of our kids. They're worth it, and you're worth it. I also get how hard it is to prioritise your own healing. That's why sessions are available both in-person (to get away from the stressors at home and work) and online (to access therapy in the small window of time you have available).  
13 Years Experience
Online in Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Milton, Ontario therapist: Cayla Townes, Memento Psychotherapy & Counselling, registered psychotherapist

Cayla Townes, Memento Psychotherapy & Counselling

Registered Psychotherapist, RP, CCC
Parenting is one of the most difficult, demanding, all-consuming jobs there is. Often, people have had adequate or less than adequate examples of how to be a parent. I work with parents who are struggling with holding on to their identity and sanity while being full-time caregivers. I especially enjoy working with parents of teenagers who are struggling with connecting and communicating with their almost-adult children.  
13 Years Experience
Online in Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Toronto, Ontario therapist: Maria Christopoulos, registered psychotherapist

Maria Christopoulos

Registered Psychotherapist, M.A., M.Sc., RP
Parenting comes in many different forms. Families can be made through adoption, blended, legal arrangements or through traditional means. Parenting will often require communication and assertiveness skills. Building these skills can help improve the relationship between family members and decrease tensions.  
8 Years Experience
Online in Wetaskiwin, Alberta