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Oak Brook, Illinois therapist: William Piekarz, licensed clinical social worker
Suicidal Thoughts

William Piekarz

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
21 Years Experience
In-Person Near Crystal Lake, IL
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Chicago, Illinois therapist: Jane Bennett-Elias, licensed professional counselor
Suicidal Thoughts

Jane Bennett-Elias

Licensed Professional Counselor, LCPC
Unfortunately, sometimes one of the symptoms of depression is the thought to end one's life. I can work with you to manage this symptom and to find healthy ways to cope with the depression.  
25 Years Experience
Online in Illinois
Miami, Florida therapist: Brave Health, psychiatrist
Suicidal Thoughts

Brave Health

Psychiatrist, MD, LCSW, MSW, FNP-C, PhD
Our dedicated team is here to support you through suicidal thoughts each step of the process as well as provide on demand resources for when we are not available.  
6 Years Experience
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Noblesville, Indiana therapist: Warriors Respite, counselor/therapist
Suicidal Thoughts

Warriors Respite

Counselor/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, CADC
Addressing suicidal thoughts requires a compassionate and empathetic approach. I understand that these thoughts can often emerge from an overwhelming sense of caring deeply and a tendency towards perfectionism. In my therapeutic practice, I guide clients towards a transformative perspective that embraces the beauty of imperfection. Together, we explore the pressures that perfectionism can place on individuals, leading to distress and despair. Through our collaboration, I help clients recognize that imperfections are an intrinsic part of being human. We work on cultivating self-compassion and self-acceptance, fostering a mindset that acknowledges that perfection is not attainable or necessary. My commitment is to create a safe space where clients can openly discuss their feelings and thoughts without judgment. Through this process, I support individuals in reframing their perspective, finding strength in their vulnerability, and discovering resilience amidst challenges. Together, we work towards a more balanced and hopeful outlook, empowering clients to embrace life's imperfections and find healing and growth in the process.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Illinois
Coral Gables, Florida therapist: Mariana Carabantes, Psy.D., psychologist
Suicidal Thoughts

Mariana Carabantes, Psy.D.

Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist
There is a wide range of suicidal thoughts and gestures. It usually starts with a fleeting thought of "I can't take this anymore." It is important to give these thoughts the attention they deserve. Get help now, and reach out to those who love and support you.  
13 Years Experience
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