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Minneapolis, Minnesota therapist: Rebecca Connor, LMFT, marriage and family therapist

Rebecca Connor, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
OCD tends to be closely related to anxiety. We will explore the underlying fuel fo OCD TOGETHER.  
24 Years Experience
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Saint Paul, Minnesota therapist: Joe Groninga, psychologist

Joe Groninga

Psychologist, PsyD, LP
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be a very debilitating set of symptoms and is something for which I use a therapy called Exposure and Response Prevention (ExRP or ERP). This therapy is widely considered to be the most effective treatment for OCD available. I will teach you how to approach situations that create obsessive thinking and emotional distress and how to simultaneously resist acting on urges to engage in your compulsive behavior. The result is the ability to be in these situations with significantly less distress and without overwhelming compulsive urges. People with OCD are typically amazed at what they can achieve through this therapy.  
19 Years Experience
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Minnetonka, Minnesota therapist: Dr. Mary L. Hendrickson, psychologist

Dr. Mary L. Hendrickson

Psychologist, Psy.D.,LP
Obssessive compulsive behaviors can arise in many forms. Sometimes in certain ways of repetitive thinking, ruminating and/or behaviors that have to ritualistically be done. Also, compulsive behaviors can be acted out in substances, shopping or eating that feels out of control. At these times, you may feel very trapped and out of control of your life. Often this can result in feelings of anxiety, depression and guilt. Developing a therapeutic relationship can help you begin to address and identify the meaning of these symptoms that complicate and limit your life. A supportive, empathic and compassionate relationship with a therapist can be the beginning step to assist you in resolving these issues.  
30 Years Experience
In-Person Near Minneapolis, MN
Lakeville, Minnesota therapist: Matthew Syzdek, psychologist

Matthew Syzdek

Psychologist, PhD, LP, MBA
If you can't turn off your mind and your thoughts are taking over your life, there is a path forward towards a more fulfilling life. Don't gamble when choosing a therapist. You deserve a psychologist who will adapt the best science to your specific needs and goals. Many therapists themselves are burned out and can't give the best care to their clients. Dr Syzdek built a small boutique practice where he limits the number of clients he treats, so he can give his clients the time, thought, and dedication that they deserve. Dr Syzdek combines compassion with the science of behavior change to help you make the the difficult decisions in life and take action, so you can live a happier life, thrive at work, love your relationships, and have fun again. Dr Syzdek treats OCD and related conditions typically using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and exposure therapies. These approaches combine mindfulness, acceptance, and cognitive strategies to help you live your life again and find relief from the the struggle.  
12 Years Experience
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Chapel Hill, North Carolina therapist: Jennifer Plumb Vilardaga, PhD, psychologist

Jennifer Plumb Vilardaga, PhD

Psychologist, PhD
OCD can feel limiting and time-consuming. Facing OCD can increase life satisfaction. We can use exposure therapy principles to help you break unhelpful cycles of behaviors that never fully do what they promise - bring peace. Learning to distinguish between obsessions and compulsions is an important first step, followed by building skills to be with discomfort (rather than driven to reduce discomfort) and take action toward meaningful life goals.  
11 Years Experience
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