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Lee's Summit, Missouri therapist: Dr. Susan L. Waldo, psychologist
Trauma and PTSD

Dr. Susan L. Waldo

Psychologist, PhD
I find the greatest fulfillment in the work I do by helping those who feel broken and devastated by life find a path forward to create a life for themselves that is beautiful in its own way and worth living. I experienced trauma and neglect in my childhood and did some things during that time that caused me to hate myself. I lost my father to a crime, was a victim of tragedy when my brother was killed in an airliner crash. I have felt the incredible sting and devastation of being betrayed more than once. With the help of my therapists, groups, books, and healing partners, I have created a life for myself that I absolutely love that is free of most of the pain of the past. It is my greatest joy in life to pay forward all that has been given to me to help others find healing and freedom so they can also create a life they love. I have worked with those who have been victims of harm and also those who have accidentally killed or irreparably harmed others. I have worked with those who due to youthfulness, drugs, alcohol, naivety, or unmanageable pressures in their life took purposeful action to hurt others and now regret it bitterly. I judge none and hope to help all achieve the freedom from the past so they may walk forward and create the life they want. To accomplish healing from great harm, multiple therapies may be utilized. IFS to help heal internal selves that drive behaviors in unwanted ways; CBT to help manage emotions and to use the whole of the mind rather than just emotions to heal; DBT to learn skills to regulate emotions, tolerate distress, improve interpersonal relationships, and learn to be mindful; ACT to help learn to accept and commit to tolerating the past without suffering overly much or being imprisoned by it; Somatic and Art Therapy to heal pain held in the right brain, and EMDR to integrate experiences. Don’t let this list worry you, in therapy we move from one to another seamlessly and it is not required that you be familiar with these therapies. I will let you know what gems there are in each one that will help you heal. In addition to therapies, if you have PTSD, you will learn many coping skills to manage your symptoms and make sense of what is happening to you. I will provide you with strategies that will help you feel more safe, capable, and confident and less terrified, vulnerable, and out of control as you travel the PTSD road.  
29 Years Experience
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Springfield, Missouri therapist: Lakeland Behavioral Health System, treatment center
Trauma and PTSD

Lakeland Behavioral Health System

Treatment Center
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can have a debilitating effect on an individual's daily life, causing intense anxiety, flashbacks, and other distressing symptoms. At Lakeland Behavioral Health System, we offer evidence-based treatments such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, which has proven effective in helping individuals overcome the symptoms of PTSD. Our team of experienced professionals provides a safe and supportive environment to help you or your loved one address the root causes of the disorder and develop healthy coping strategies. We also offer a variety of complementary therapies, including art therapy, mindfulness meditation, and yoga, to promote overall wellness and healing. Don't let PTSD control your life any longer. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs and start your journey to recovery. We offer specialized treatment for children, adolescents, and seniors dealing with Trauma and PTSD.  
13 Years Experience
In-Person in Springfield, MO 65806
Plantation, Florida therapist: Lisa Saponaro, PhD Inc, psychologist
Trauma and PTSD

Lisa Saponaro, PhD Inc

Psychologist, Ph.D
Each of us faces obstacles and difficulties in life differently, and at times we can all use help. Individuals frequently seek my services during times of transition, when decision making appears to have a greater impact on our future directions.  
26 Years Experience
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Cincinnati, Ohio therapist: Ben Dickstein, psychologist
Trauma and PTSD

Ben Dickstein

Psychologist, PhD
I received much of my clinical training at the National Center for PTSD in Boston and have over a decade of experience working with trauma survivors. I offer an array of treatment options for trauma/PTSD, which I detail on my website. Some of the forms of trauma that I routinely treat are childhood emotional/physical/sexual abuse; sexual assault; physical assault; motor vehicle accident; traumatic loss; traumatic birth; and combat.  
11 Years Experience
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Minneapolis, Minnesota therapist: Gayle MacBride, psychologist
Trauma and PTSD

Gayle MacBride

Psychologist, PhD, LP
Treating trauma has been a specialty of mine for almost 15 years. I mostly use Cognitive Processing Therapy to understand the impact trauma has had on you and your life and then we use skills to address the thoughts that are keeping you stuck in old patterns. We will talk about important themes like safety, trust, power/control, esteem, and intimacy as a part of your trauma patterns. Changing how you think about trauma can help you get unstuck and live in more peaceful ways.  
18 Years Experience
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