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Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan therapist: Susan Spicer, psychologist

Susan Spicer

Psychologist, PhD
My approach to hypnotherapy is founded on my extensive training and certification through the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). I have a proven track record of utilizing hypnosis to facilitate positive transformations in various aspects of individuals' lives. I have recorded and produced a library of hypnosis audios to increase self-confidence and productivity, improve sports performance, overcome sexual dysfunction, conquer procrastination, achieve weight loss goals, and successfully quit smoking. As a neuropsychologist, I have extensively studied brainwave patterns and the manner in which they play a role in hypnosis. I have recorded a collection of brainwave audios, which I use to help you achieve a deeper level of hypnosis and trance. Through the power of hypnosis, I am dedicated to helping my clients tap into their inner resources and achieve meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.  
24 Years Experience
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Cave Creek, Arizona therapist: Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder, life coach

Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder

Life Coach
Utilizing hypnotherapy, I help clients access their subconscious to address issues like phobias, addiction, or stress. This technique aids in altering unwanted behaviors or thoughts. Embark on your journey to manage your symptoms by scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation, where we'll discuss personalized hypnotherapy treatment strategies.  
21 Years Experience
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Seattle, Washington therapist: HealthWise Hypnosis, hypnotherapist

HealthWise Hypnosis

Hypnotherapist, CHt
Hypnosis is a fast and effective technique that can help you make positive changes in your life quickly and easily. With hypnotherapy, I assist my clients in overcoming harmful behaviors such as overeating, excessive drinking, smoking, and chronic worrying. As a result, their self-confidence grows, fears decrease, concentration improves, anxiety levels reduce, and sleep quality gets better. Hypnosis is truly a wonderful tool that I use to support my clients in their personal growth and well-being journey. It allows us to address various aspects of their lives, enabling them to experience profound transformations in a shorter timeframe. I'm here to guide and assist you, providing a caring and empathetic space where we can work together towards your goals. With hypnosis, we'll explore different areas of your life, unlocking your potential for positive change and helping you achieve the transformation you desire.  
15 Years Experience
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Baltimore, Maryland therapist: Nancy Hayes-Gary, Psy.D., psychologist

Nancy Hayes-Gary, Psy.D.

Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist, MD , Psy.D.
I am trained in the highest levels of hypnotherapy and feel passionately about it. It can be used, if a person wants, for almost anything troubling you, but is especially effective with anxiety and PTSD. However there are too many conditions that benefit from hypnosis to name.  
31 Years Experience
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Gainesville, Florida therapist: Dr. JD Wright, psychologist

Dr. JD Wright

Psychologist, PhD, Licensed Psychologist
In my practice, I integrate Ericksonian hypnosis. This method is more than just suggestion in a trance state; it's a client-centered approach that emphasizes the mobilization of individual resources and abilities. My training in Ericksonian hypnosis equips me to work with a variety of concerns, seamlessly incorporating this technique into different treatment modalities. In each session, I focus on bringing your innate strengths and capabilities to the forefront, ensuring they are accessible and potent in times of need. This process is highly collaborative, valuing your active participation as we navigate the therapeutic journey together. Through hypnotherapy, we aim to unlock your potential, fostering resilience and self-efficacy in facing life's challenges.  
4 Years Experience
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