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Wilmington, North Carolina therapist: Wilmington Treatment Center, treatment center
Anxiety or Fears

Wilmington Treatment Center

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Anxiety can significantly impact a person's quality of life, making even simple daily tasks feel overwhelming. At Wilmington Treatment Center, we offer specialized treatment programs for individuals struggling with anxiety disorders. Our approach includes evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and trauma-focused therapies. Our compassionate team of mental health professionals provides a safe and supportive environment to help individuals develop the necessary skills to manage anxiety and reclaim their lives. If you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety, contact us today to learn more about our treatment options.  
40 Years Experience
In-Person in Wilmington, NC 28401
Wilmington, North Carolina therapist: STW Counseling PLLC, counselor/therapist
Anxiety or Fears

STW Counseling PLLC

Counselor/Therapist, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Anxiety is a form of fear / Fear and faith can't live in the same room  
7 Years Experience
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Williamsburg, Virginia therapist: Therapy Solutions, LLC, psychologist
Anxiety or Fears

Therapy Solutions, LLC

Our practice specializes in anxiety and fear-related issues as it relates to general anxiousness, stress, or trauma.  
22 Years Experience
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Cornelius, North Carolina therapist: Cecelia Myers, counselor/therapist
Anxiety or Fears

Cecelia Myers

Counselor/Therapist, LCMHC (NC), RPT-S, LPC (GA), Licensed telehealth provider SC
Clients gain skills to overcome maladaptive thought patterns and behaviors. Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy and Mindfulness can help clients overcome these issues.  
15 Years Experience
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Chicago, Illinois therapist: Michele Sitorus (Inner Peace Psychological Care), psychologist
Anxiety or Fears

Michele Sitorus (Inner Peace Psychological Care)

Psychologist, Psy.D.
In therapy for anxiety and fears, you will work on understanding the root causes of their anxiety and fears, often through techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or exposure therapy. It is also important to learn coping skills to manage anxious thoughts and physical sensations, and gradually confront feared situations in a safe and supportive environment to build resilience and confidence.  
5 Years Experience
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