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Tulsa Comprehensive Treatment Center

Treatment Center
Tulsa Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is a specialized treatment facility for those suffering from opioid addiction. This facility offers a comprehensive range of services and programs to help individuals recover from addiction and lead a healthier and more productive life. CTC offers a variety of treatment options, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT), individualized counseling and therapy, and a supportive living environment. This program also offers a range of recovery support services, such as case management, medication management, health and wellness services, and aftercare planning. CTC is dedicated to providing comprehensive, evidence-based treatment to help individuals struggling with opioid addiction.  
20 Years Experience
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David A. Heilman

Psychologist, Psy.D.
When deciding to see a therapist, it can be extremely challenging to choose someone to work with. I hope to be there with you in therapy as you work to discover new levels self-understanding, compassion, and insight. Most individuals decide to start therapy after encountering emotional distress that has left them overwhelmed, and as though they have lost control of their life. I work collaboratively with my clients to find ways in which they are able to regain a sense of control, empowerment, and purpose in their lives. Important to our work will be the concept that our relationship, and the exploration of that relationship, will help you make discoveries about other important relationships in your life. Although this work can be challenging at times, it can lead to improvements in your social interactions, mood, and anxiety. While I have enjoyed working with a wide variety of individuals, I specialize in LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy, ADHD, anxiety, depression, chronic shame, couples/relationship challenges, and non-traditional relationships. I am currently seeing new clients in my Dupont Circle office, and I look forward to answering any of your questions.  
6 Years Experience
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Dr. Mike Strand

Psychologist, PsyD
Hey there! I’m Mike Strand, an experienced psychologist with over 15 years of dedication to guiding individuals on their journey of self-improvement. My expertise lies in helping clients overcome emotional challenges to enhance personal growth and strengthen relationships. I recognize that seeking support can be difficult, which is why I will strive to make therapy as welcoming and approachable as possible. Our sessions are collaborative, tailored to your specific needs, facilitating deep and lasting transformation.  
16 Years Experience
Online in Pryor Creek, Oklahoma

Cynthia Leslie

Pastoral Counselor/Therapist, MA, CPRS
I offer Christian Counseling to those who desire to include faith into their therapy. I speak the language of people who consider their faith to be an important part of their identity. I also have a heart to help people who are hurting, in need of transformation, and healing. It is rewarding to help people become the best version of themselves.  
5 Years Experience
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Philip Cooke

Psychologist, PhD
It takes courage to change, especially when you feel stuck with painful and confusing thoughts and feelings. You may find yourself struggling to change self-defeating behaviors and frustrated you can’t find relief. Psychotherapy can help you get unstuck. As we explore what is bothering you, you develop a deeper understanding of what is keeping you stuck and use that understanding to work toward living a more fulfilling life. Psychotherapy is a process for better understanding ourselves, especially our automatic, often hidden, and sometimes contradictory motivations, feelings, and desires. If you’re interested in understanding and addressing the psychological factors underlying your concerns in life, I might be a good fit for you. Please take a look at my website and contact me to schedule a free phone consultation.  
10 Years Experience
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