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Miami, Florida therapist: LaTonya Washington, licensed clinical social worker
Relationship and Marriage Counseling

LaTonya Washington

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, LICSW-S
Are things really good when they are good but really bad when they are bad? Is it beginning to feel like you are experiencing more arguments often triggered by seemingly small things or what should be easily resolved misunderstandings? Do you find yourself walking on eggshells, suppressing how you feel or avoiding your partner because you are all talked out? I can help you get unstuck from ongoing cycles of fighting, misunderstandings, and miscommunication by helping you reconnect & restore your connection using proven strategies for relationship repair.  
15 Years Experience
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Portland, Oregon therapist: Dr. Kelly Rees, counselor/therapist
Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Dr. Kelly Rees

Counselor/Therapist, PhD, Sexologist
Most of my work centers around relationship issues. A client may seek me because of sexual issues which mostly come back to relationship issues. I have long years of experience helping people work through their issues individually, in couples, and in groups. While I am not an LMFT, I have hands-on experience.  
16 Years Experience
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Portland, Oregon therapist: Angie Arledge, pre-licensed professional
Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Angie Arledge

Pre-Licensed Professional, CSWA
Sometimes couples get caught up in their own struggles which it can cause conflict between two people.  
3 Years Experience
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Milwaukie, Oregon therapist: Peaceful Warrior Wellness Services, LLC / Dr.Steven Ruiz Bettencourt, Psy.D.,LPC, Cht, EMDR, licensed professional counselor
Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Peaceful Warrior Wellness Services, LLC / Dr.Steven Ruiz Bettencourt, Psy.D.,LPC, Cht, EMDR

Licensed Professional Counselor, Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, EMDR
Relationship/marriage issues is a very sensitive subject. When partners are considering whether they are capable of either forgiving each other for a breaking of marital trusts, such as marital indiscretions, financial irresponsibility, gambling, addictions (drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc), and starting a new agreement, or of parting ways, it is not an easy decision to make without professional help. Sorting out delicate feelings of hurt, disappointment and betrayal will many times need to engage the help of a professional relationship therapist.  
41 Years Experience
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San Francisco, California therapist: Brad Byrum, marriage and family therapist
Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Brad Byrum

Marriage and Family Therapist, MA, MBA, LMFT
I am a relationship therapist. I help couples in relationship distress. Many of the couples I work with come to therapy feeling lost in conflict cycles which they don't understand and desperately want to change. I understand how much courage it takes to reach out for help and to let another person get inside your relationship, especially when you are feeling hurt, discouraged, angry, or humiliated. If you are searching for a safe place to explore what's not working in your relationship, and support in creating solutions, please contact me. I realized early in my clinical practice that I wanted to focus on couples therapy. In addition to many hundreds of hours working with couples in distress, I have pursued training specific to couples therapy, including advanced training in both Emotion Focused Therapy and the Gottman approach. I am truly passionate about helping couples heal and flourish. Please know that no matter what you bring to couple therapy, I will meet you with compassion. I will help you explore what isn’t working in your relationships and why. We work together to understand what you want and need and to identify the changes you want to make. Together, we create solutions that work for you.  
8 Years Experience
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