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Mantorville, Minnesota therapist: Sharon Davern MSED, LMFT, marriage and family therapist
Sexual Abuse

Sharon Davern MSED, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed in Minnesota, Tennessee and credentialed in Ireland
The effects of sexual abuse in your life, whether you are a victim or very close to one, can cause you to struggle in a number of areas in your life. But it doesnt have to define you so in therapy we work to have you resolve those issues and find your true self.  
34 Years Experience
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Nashville, Tennessee therapist: Anna Owens, counselor/therapist
Sexual Abuse

Anna Owens

Counselor/Therapist, LPC-MHSP, FNP-C, Lifecoach
Sexual abuse is a form of abuse that is about power. I see it in victims of narcissistic abuse and coupled with other forms of physical, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse. In victims of sexual abuse, the abuse may be minimized or repressed, so CBT and DBT are used to validate and label the abuse for what it is, as well as treat underlying post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is treated with trauma-informed CBT and DBT to identify toxic thought patterns as well as initiating a sense of safety within the body (inner child work). Trauma is always stored, to a degree, in the body. Journaling and active movement with mindfulness training and trauma processing are key elements of healing from sexual abuse. If you are suffering or have suffered from sexual abuse, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!  
6 Years Experience
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Saint Paul, Minnesota therapist: Dr. Joe Groninga, psychologist
Sexual Abuse

Dr. Joe Groninga

Sexual abuse often creates very painful symptoms and is something for which I use a therapy called Prolonged Exposure (PE). In this therapy, we will revisit traumatic situations, process painful emotions, and change unhelpful beliefs about yourself and the world around you as a result of your trauma. People are often amazed at how quickly this treatment can work and by the very meaningful change that can result. For these reasons, this is one of my favorite treatments to provide.  
18 Years Experience
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Nashville, Tennessee therapist: Dr. Christine Manley, psychologist
Sexual Abuse

Dr. Christine Manley

Psychologist, PhD in Clinical Psychology
Sexual abuse is much more common than most people realize. Processing and treating sexual abuse is an important part of recovery.  
8 Years Experience
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Troy, Michigan therapist: Tammara kamei, counselor/therapist
Sexual Abuse

Tammara kamei

Counselor/Therapist, MA, LPC
I have over six years experience in treating sexual abuse.  
13 Years Experience
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