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Austin, Texas therapist: Dr. Monte Miller, psychologist
Serving Military / Veterans

Dr. Monte Miller

Psychologist, Psy.D.
infidelity (and/or sex, porn addictions, low sex drive, performance anxiety) can devastate people. Depression and anxiety are then also present. Good healthy sexual relationship with your spouse can also be tough even without these problems. I can help. No shaming or judging. Compassionate but tough. Men, women, couples. Depression & Anxiety Specialist. Trauma Recovery, Porn Addiction, Performance Anxiety, Love Addiction. Other sexual issues? I am a doctoral psychologist & sex therapist in one. I work with many women as well as men, especially those that have never been in therapy before. I will guide you toward a path of hope and freedom. No psychobabble BS. Just real & upfront, but always loving. Have both my Master's & Doctoral degrees and 25+ years of experience. Author: "Finding Peace in Life's Storms."  
28 Years Experience
In-Person in San Antonio, TX 78217
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Denver, Colorado therapist: Dr. Bridget Kromrey, psychologist
Serving Military / Veterans

Dr. Bridget Kromrey

Psychologist, PsyD
Dr. Bridget Kromrey is a licensed clinical psychologist with experience supporting individuals and families across the lifespan, with a specialization in psychotherapy and assessment with children, adolescents, and young adults. Dr. Kromrey specializes in grief and loss work, childhood and adult trauma, psychosocial oncology, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and life transitions. She also has a dedication to serving the LGBTQ+ communities and has received training and worked closely with transgender and gender non-binary youth and adults throughout her career.  
10 Years Experience
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Toronto, Ontario therapist: Gui Mansilla, registered psychotherapist
Serving Military / Veterans

Gui Mansilla

Registered Psychotherapist, Lawyer (Arg) M.Div (USA) Reg. Psychotherapist (CA) Coach (Ca)
I am honoured to collaborate with individuals on a global scale who are fiercely committed to their path of healing and growth; I am deeply grateful for the trust bestowed upon me in guiding this sacred journey of transformation. With an extensive background of over 17,000 hours engaged directly with clients—spanning individuals, couples, families, and groups—I've steered countless souls through the complexities of mental health challenges and propelled them toward realizing their personal growth aspirations. At the core of my practice lies a client-centred approach intricately woven with threads of emotional healing and personal development. My expertise extends to a dynamic spectrum of therapeutic modalities, including experiential and existential methods, and a versatile toolkit encompassing CBT, DBT, gestalt, psychodrama, internal family systems, trauma-centered interventions, and more. This ensures each person receives a meticulously tailored approach to their unique journey. Firm in my conviction that, with unwavering commitment and the proper support, the vast tapestry of human suffering can be unravelled, I am passionately devoted to facilitating this transformative process. This isn't merely a profession—it's a calling. Together, let's embark on a journey of profound change, unlocking the doors to your fullest potential and inner peace with power and grace.  
19 Years Experience
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Arlington, Texas therapist: Shelby DeBord, licensed clinical social worker
Serving Military / Veterans

Shelby DeBord

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EMDR, DBT
I offer an open minded non-judgemental approach and a great sense of humor, working together to become empowered within your life. I truly feel that with the right nurturing we are all capable of growing the life we want to live and blooming into the best versions of ourselves, no one is beyond help-if you’re ready to do the work i’m ready to stand by your side on the journey!  
6 Years Experience
Online in San Antonio, Texas
Lake Dallas, Texas therapist: Kristin Wright, licensed professional counselor
Serving Military / Veterans

Kristin Wright

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC
Have you been through a traumatic experience that impacts your life negatively? Do you suffer with anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem? Do your struggles stop you from living the life you always wanted? This could make anyone feel alone, exhausted, and disconnected from even your closest loved ones. For many people, reaching out for help can be daunting and scary. But if you’re looking for someone friendly and supportive to share your struggles with, you’re in the right place! My passion is working with adults, couples, and families that are navigating struggles like anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, grief, self-esteem, sexual abuse, relationship issues, veteran issues and many more.  
10 Years Experience
Online in San Antonio, Texas