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Richmond, Virginia therapist: Bethany Anderson, counselor/therapist
Social Anxiety

Bethany Anderson

Counselor/Therapist, LPC
Whether social anxiety has always been a part of your life or a new experience, we can work together to identify the "why" behind your anxious symptoms and determine a plan to overcome them.  
4 Years Experience
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Glen Allen, Virginia therapist: Resilience Counseling & Social Skills Center, counselor/therapist
Social Anxiety

Resilience Counseling & Social Skills Center

Counselor/Therapist, LPC,LCSW,LCP
Resilience Counseling & Social Skills Center has a team of over 40 clinicians offering a wide range of treatment styles, specialties and approaches. Our team consists of Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Psychologists as well as Clinical Residents and Interns under supervision each offering a unique skill set to meet your individualized needs. Several of our providers specialize in the treatment social anxiety as well as offering groups that assist individuals in the development of their social skills. Please visit our website to view the profile each of our clinicians:  
12 Years Experience
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Chicago, Illinois therapist: Dr. Adam Shafer, psychologist
Social Anxiety

Dr. Adam Shafer

Psychologist, Psy. D., M.A.
The ambivalence people can experience in the desire for interpersonal connection while feeling uneasy or anxious in the presence of others can be difficult.  
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Louisville, Kentucky therapist: Melissa Pickett, LPCC, licensed professional counselor
Social Anxiety

Melissa Pickett, LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor
I normally treat social anxiety with CBT, ACT and/or ERP. ERP has been shown to be effective in treating social anxiety disorders, coming up with ways to challenge the anxiety and fears. My plan is to start with less anxiety provoking situations (even imaginary situations!) and working our way up to more challenging ones as we accomplish the smaller goals.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Chesterfield, Virginia
Manhattan, New York therapist: Dr. Walter J. Matweychuk, psychologist
Social Anxiety

Dr. Walter J. Matweychuk

Psychologist, Ph.D.
People with social anxiety often have a number of self-defeating attitudes that underpin their social anxiety. First, they wrongly think they must perform perfectly well. They also usually think that they need the approval of significant others, that it is awful to experience disapproval and failure. They also tend to wrongly believe that rejection and failure prove they are inadequate as people. I teach you that yes there are practical implications of disapproval and failure, but there need not be unhealthy anxiety about these consequences. I teach healthy attitudes toward one's self, one's rejections and failures. I teach you to have a desire to be accepted by others and do well but to accept yourself unconditionally even when you are rejected and fail.  
34 Years Experience
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