Southstone Recovery Center

Treatment Center
Southstone Behavioral Health Center provides Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) to women suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders. With a structured and supportive environment, female patients receive intensive treatment for mental health and addiction issues while living off-site. Our treatment process is designed to help our patients identify the underlying issues that contribute to their addiction, develop the skills and strategies necessary to cope with triggers and cravings, and develop the skills necessary to maintain sobriety. Southstone Behavioral Health Center also offer Family Therapy Services and Aftercare Services that aim to support families and patients on their journey to recovery.  
5 Years Experience
In-Person in South Boston, VA 24592

Luke R. Allen

Psychologist, PhD
I operate from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach. A core idea in ACT is that trying too hard to get rid of or control our emotions tends to backfire. Instead of trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings, I want to help you learn to respond differently to the unwanted thoughts and feelings so that you can keep your focus on living a fulfilling life based on what’s important to you. We will work together to set meaningful goals to address your concerns–whether they relate to life transitions, depression, anxiety, body image, grief/loss, job or academic stress, or gender and sexuality.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Virginia

Elaine Klionsky

Psychologist, J.D., Ph.D., Inc.
Everyone is different. It's my job to listen, learn, and tailor my approach to each client. My skill is in getting to know my clients and figuring out what type of help they want, how they would like to improve their lives, and what steps are necessary to achieve these improvement or sense of well-being. This is a highly individualized approach which involves getting to know the underlying causes of distress as well as treating distressing symptoms. It's not easy or simple but...humans are not easy or simple! Therapy and Counseling can be powerful agents in helping people achieve the changes they desire.  
27 Years Experience
Online in Virginia

Dr. Selma Stainback

Psychologist, PsyD
Are you a high achiever, but stressed? Worried? Want to be your best self, but feel stuck? Is your mood down though you try to smile? Dealing with discrimination or racism? Do you want to get over this? I want to help! If you are ready to tell the truth, I'd love to hear from you! I work to create a space where you feel safe, comfortable and free of judgment. I want to meet you where you are so you tell your truth, leave the past in the past and take steps to live the life you want. If this sounds like you, please reach out! I hope to help you create the amazing relationship you desire, have more peace and live your best life! You deserve it!  
16 Years Experience
Online in Virginia

Dr. Jill R. LeBlond

Psychologist, Psy D, LP
If you are looking for a current, down-to-earth, interactive psychologist, I might be a fit for you. I have clinical experience in helping people cope with the symptoms of a variety of mental illnesses. I look forward to meeting you, Dr. Jill  
23 Years Experience
Online in Virginia