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Louisville, Kentucky therapist: Melissa Pickett, LPCC, licensed professional counselor
Body Image

Melissa Pickett, LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor
CBT is a helpful tool that I like to use. We can explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors associated with body image and come up with more manageable ways to approach triggers.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Virginia Beach, Virginia
McKinney, Texas therapist: Kreins Psychological Services, psychologist
Body Image

Kreins Psychological Services

Psychologist, PhD, PsyD
As a psychologist specializing in body image, my treatment approach is grounded in fostering self-acceptance, resilience, and a positive relationship with one's body. Through evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness-based interventions, I work collaboratively with individuals to challenge negative beliefs and behaviors related to body image. By exploring underlying factors such as societal pressures, past traumas, and internalized messages, we develop personalized strategies to promote self-compassion and enhance body appreciation. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of self-care practices, boundary-setting, and building a supportive social network to reinforce positive body image. My goal is to empower individuals to embrace their bodies with confidence, cultivate holistic well-being, and navigate societal standards with authenticity.  
24 Years Experience
Online in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Flagstaff, Arizona therapist: Psychotherapy.Com, psychologist
Body Image


Psychologist, Ph.D.
Comprehensive body image assessment and treatment.  
28 Years Experience
Online in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Houston, Texas therapist: Vincent Sanchez, life coach
Body Image

Vincent Sanchez

Life Coach, Master Certified Life Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200, Meditation & Mindful Resilience for Trauma (MRT)
Our body image is not just about liking what we see in the mirror. It's also about our internal value system as fuel for acceptance, whether it be through social media, family, social pressure, illness and multiple competing areas. We'll approach this area through forming new thoughts and behaviors that enhance new views from a position of strength while providing tools and practices to deliver the image you want.  
6 Years Experience
Online in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Agoura Hills, California therapist: Rachel Ann Dine, licensed professional counselor
Body Image

Rachel Ann Dine

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPCC, LPC
The relationship we have with our body and self-image can change over time. Comparison, feeling hyper focused on looking a certain way, and even messages you may have received growing up about your body can all go into affecting our view of self. I take a compassionate approach to understanding and helping you feel more confident (and compassionate!) with who you are on both an emotional and physical level.  
15 Years Experience
Online in Virginia Beach, Virginia