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Madison, Wisconsin therapist: Jackie Ma, psychologist

Jackie Ma

Psychologist, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Having health concerns can understandably impact your mood and even lead to depression. I aim to support your mood and address depression through evidence-based treatments such as Behavioral Activation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  
1 Years Experience
Online in Madison, Wisconsin
 therapist: Dr. Nicole Parkes, psychologist

Dr. Nicole Parkes

Psychologist, PsyD
I extend a compassionate hand to those engulfed in the shadows of depression. I understand the profound weight of this silent struggle, where each day can feel like an insurmountable journey. My approach is not just about alleviating symptoms, but about forging a deep, empathetic connection where you feel seen, heard, and understood. Together, we'll navigate through the darkness, uncovering hidden strengths and igniting the spark of hope. It’s a journey towards reclaiming joy, rediscovering purpose, and gently rekindling the light within that depression has dimmed.  
8 Years Experience
Online in Madison, Wisconsin
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Atlas Behavioral Health (Group Practice)

Psychologist, PsyD, LPC, Postdoctoral Fellows
We work to better understand how to manage depressive thoughts when they come up with techniques such as reframing, distancing, self compassion techniques etc. We also work to explore what behaviors are keeping those thoughts around and making them bigger or louder. Outside of just understanding of what to do when worries come up, we also work to better understand where these worries might come from with understanding our past and how that impacts our current  
15 Years Experience
Online in Madison, Wisconsin
Cincinnati, Ohio therapist: Ben Dickstein, psychologist

Ben Dickstein

Psychologist, PhD
I believe in a comprehensive approach to the treatment of depression that includes cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral activation, and value-concordant living. When appropriate and needed, I consider lifestyle and interpersonal factors that are perpetuating mood issues for my clients and work with them to make steps toward taking bold action. Additionally, when appropriate, I like to collaborate with other members of an individual's care team, such as psychiatrists and primary care providers, and help individuals to reconnect to those around them, building up their level of social support and connectedness.  
11 Years Experience
Online in Madison, Wisconsin
Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Dr. Enoch Sackey, psychologist

Dr. Enoch Sackey

Psychologist, PsyD
Depression can feel overwhelming, but you don't have to face it alone. Together, we'll explore the underlying factors contributing to your depression and develop personalized strategies to help you regain a sense of hope and purpose in your life.  
2 Years Experience
Online in Madison, Wisconsin