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Milton, Ontario therapist: Samantha Cervino, life coach
Autism and Asperger's

Samantha Cervino

Life Coach, Life Coach | Yoga Teacher | Personal Development Mentor | Published Author | Reiki Master, EFT Meridian Tapping Pract.
I have years of experience working with students diagnosed with Autism and Aspergers, in a school setting as a special education assistant.  
7 Years Experience
Toronto, Ontario therapist: Redbird Therapy Centre, registered psychotherapist
Autism and Asperger's

Redbird Therapy Centre

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Psychotherapists
Nic Cadman, Jessica Weeks, Terri Roberton, Benjamin Rubinoff, Liana Weinberg, and Barbara Brown have experience working with folks living with neurodiversity. Contact our Intake Worker to help determine who will be the best fit for you.  
29 Years Experience

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