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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Trudi Jane Wyatt, registered psychotherapist

Trudi Jane Wyatt

Registered Psychotherapist, MA, Registered Provisional Psychologist (AB), RP (ON), CT, CCC, CCTP
I assist individual adults with various issues such as trauma, difficult relationships, depression, stress, anxiety, substance use, anger, and other issues. All adults are welcome. My approach is collaborative, and I draw on the strengths of a variety of different therapies, such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), positive psychotherapy, and many others, to help you achieve your therapy goals. I provide my clients with a safe and non-judgmental space to clarify and address their issues, and feedback I often get is that I am easy to talk to. I have been in practice for 15 years, starting off in California, then in Toronto, and now in Alberta. I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counsellor (California), a Registered Provisional Psychologist and a Counselling Therapist in Alberta, and a Canadian Certified Counsellor (pan-Canada). For more information please see the rest of my profile, visit my website (, or contact me directly. If you would like to book a session and you are in Alberta you can do so here: If you are in Ontario, please email or call me to set this up. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.  
15 Years Experience
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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Penelope Yen, psychologist

Penelope Yen

Psychologist, BA (Hons), MACP, Registered Provisional Psychologist
Don't you wish you could move forward from trauma and stop it from impacting your day-to-day life? I can help you recover from trauma, work through relationship issues, and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. My skills come not only from my education and training, but also from a profuse amount of lived experience. I have faced my own mental health struggles and traumas in the past and I know how hard it can be to move forward. My goal is to provide truly helpful, evidence-based psychological assessment and counselling for adult individuals and couples. I always aim to provide the best possible type of therapy according to your preferences and the way your mind works. I am neurodiversity affirming and believe in working with you, not on you. I have a particular interest in helping adults who have experienced trauma, whether in childhood or recently, but even if you're just going through a tough or confusing time, I can work with you to truly find a more fulfilling path through life and its issues. I also go over and above the therapy hour to provide your own portal of relevant digital resources.  
3 Years Experience
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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Alexandra Vartosu, hypnotherapist

Alexandra Vartosu

Hypnotherapist, Holistic Psychotherapist & Master Life Coach, MC. (Psy.), IAPMC
~ Welcome, I'm Alexandra, a Holistic Psychotherapist and Soulful Life Coach committed to helping you find balance, peace, and purpose in your life. - With over a decade of experience, I specialize in supporting introspective, growth-oriented individuals and highly sensitive souls to release anxiety, stress, depression, and emotional overwhelm. - My integrative approach holistically blends evidence-based psychotherapy practices with mindfulness, hypnotherapy, energy healing, and soulful life coaching, creating a compassionate and nurturing environment where you can explore your true self without fear of judgment. - I truly believe that every person holds the power to create positive, meaningful changes in their life. Together, we will uncover your inherent potential, build emotional resilience, and cultivate a consistent inner calm. - I am here to walk side by side with you, offering guidance and support as you navigate your journey. My goal is to help you confidently pursue your life's purpose and experience authentic harmony and fulfillment. - Investing in your first session with me is a powerful step towards your healing and transformation. This session will provide you with invaluable insights and tools, setting the foundation for lasting change and relief. - I invite you to take this wise step to invest in yourself and unlock the possibility of true inner peace and fulfillment. Book your first session today and begin your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life. Go ahead and reach out! I will walk beside you on this Journey! ~ ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS!~  
11 Years Experience
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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Kaimana Psychology Inc., psychologist

Kaimana Psychology Inc.

Psychologist, BA, MACP, Registered Psychologist
I believe that healing is possible for everyone, and it is an honor to be part of your journey towards personal growth and well-being. My name is Michelle, and I am a dedicated therapist specializing in ADHD, trauma, PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. I understand firsthand the impact that these conditions can have on your daily life, relationships, and overall sense of self. Through my own experiences and professional training, I have developed a deep empathy and understanding of the challenges you face. My goal is to provide you with a safe, compassionate space where you can explore your emotions, heal from past traumas, and develop effective strategies for managing your symptoms. In our sessions, I emphasize a personalized approach that respects your unique experiences, strengths, and goals. Together, we will delve into the underlying factors contributing to your difficulties, working collaboratively to develop strategies that address both immediate concerns and long-term well-being. I am committed to utilizing evidence-based therapies tailored to your needs, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-focused therapy, and mindfulness techniques. My ultimate objective is to empower you to reclaim control over your life and embrace a sense of hope, resilience, and fulfillment. I believe in your innate capacity to heal, and I will provide unwavering support as we navigate the ups and downs of your therapeutic journey. I also recognize that life can be hectic and finding time for therapy can be challenging. That's why I offer both in person as well as flexible online sessions, allowing you to prioritize your mental health without sacrificing your other responsibilities. You can receive the care you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home, eliminating barriers and making therapy accessible and convenient for you. I invite you to take the courageous step towards a brighter future by reaching out for a confidential consultation. Together, we will embark on a transformative path towards personal growth, emotional well-being, and a life that is not defined by your struggles. Remember, you are not alone. I am here to walk alongside you, providing guidance, understanding, and unwavering support. Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Warm regards, Michelle Bourque Licensed provisional psychologist specializing in ADHD, trauma, PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression"  
2 Years Experience
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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Shannon Loewen, psychologist

Shannon Loewen

Psychologist, M.Sc. Counselling Psychology
What do you do when you are struggling or feeling lost and overwhelmed? How do you support yourself? For me, well-being comes from knowing that no matter what life throws at you, you can courageously and compassionately face it and give yourself what you need to get through it. It comes from knowing you have the strength and ability to cope with any uncertainty. When we know how to support ourselves, we can face and get through anything.  
4 Years Experience
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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Carl Conradi, counselor/therapist

Carl Conradi

Counsellor/Therapist, CCC, MSc, MBA
My name is Carl Conradi, and I’m a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m an integratively-trained counsellor, which means that I draw upon three different therapeutic approaches – existential, cognitive-behavioural (CBT), and psychodynamic – to help support processes that are warm, exploratory, philosophical, and totally unique to each client. My particular approach to counselling is highly relational and non-pathologising. I believe that all psychological experiences are instructive – even those that feel unbearable – and that within the context of the bond that you and I will create together, you’ll be invited to explore new ways of thinking, feeling, and being in the world. I work with adult and adolescent individuals who are experiencing a wide array of psychological challenges, including (but not limited to): attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, loneliness, men’s issues, problematic anger, obsessive-compulsiveness (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), relationship difficulties, and/or work-related stress. I’m also very skilled at working alongside folks who are navigating major life changes, such as: bereavement, diagnosis, divorce, job insecurity or loss, etc. I’m a passionate advocate of mental wellbeing within the LGBTQIA+, veteran and first responder, and consensually non-monogamous communities.  
2 Years Experience
In-Person in Calgary, AB T2N 0R6
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Calgary, Alberta therapist: Tiffany Smith, psychologist

Tiffany Smith

Psychologist, Registered Provisional Psychologist
My goal in our work together is to create the space that allows you to deepen your connection with yourself and others. Whether you see me as a couple or an individual, you can expect to learn research based tips to heal yourself, your relationships and your interaction with the greater world. Together, we can experiment with different ideas, practical tools and skills that will help you feel more authentic, connected and fulfilled in your life. You can expect to laugh, cry, practice skills and leave every session with a direction or plan. From me, you can expect an empathetic environment in which we will explore your values, life desires, goals, and relationship patterns.  
7 Years Experience
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Toronto, Ontario therapist: Forouz Salari, registered social worker

Forouz Salari

Registered Social Worker, MA, MSW, RSW
I am a white-passing, Middle-Eastern, bisexual, cis-gender, neurotypical woman and a first-generation immigrant and settler (who came to Canada as a refugee, during childhood). I’ve also lived through experiences of trauma, displacement, mental illness, divorce, chronic illness and chronic pain. So, I know what it’s like to feel lost, confused, doubtful, overwhelmed, frustrated, misunderstood, lonely, exhausted, and just not good enough! I know the effort and energy it takes to step into and embrace a journey of self-discovery, healing and growth, not knowing where it might lead. I also know how incredibly transformative it can be! That must be why you're here too - ready and looking for something in your life to change for the better. I'm here to help! Let's get started together: Go to my website and click on "Book Online" to schedule a free 15-min phone consult with me!  
9 Years Experience
Online in Calgary, Alberta
Airdrie, Alberta therapist: Brandi Rosgen, licensed professional counselor

Brandi Rosgen

Licensed Professional Counsellor, B.Ed, MACP, MPCC
I help people alleviate anxiety and depression, as well as create relationship transformations. Stress is part of life, but struggling relationships, anxiety and depression do not need to be. I help people change their stories and the trajectory of their lives by helping them decrease depression, anxiety, and relationship concerns. Most importantly, I help people learn how to sustain and maintain their happiness and peace. The goal is not less suffering. The goal is to know how to sustain and maintain happiness and peace. If you're having trouble getting ahead of your thoughts, emotions, or behaviours know that relief is possible, and success can be made inevitable. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or in your relationships, know that you deserve more than just relief. You deserve lasting change that you know how to sustain, maintain and grow. In the relationship counselling, there is a focus on helping individuals and couples create a second version of their relationship. The second version may be working through reconciliation after infidelity, learning how to co-parent, deciding to stay or go, working through separation and on separation agreements, or reconnecting after years of disconnection. In anxiety or depression counselling, there is a focus on mental and emotional struggle and learning how define and create happiness and peace. There is special attention given to learning to sustain and maintain this peace and happiness in the future.  
16 Years Experience
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Beiseker, Alberta therapist: Jayne Batten, counselor/therapist

Jayne Batten

Counsellor/Therapist, MSc, CT, RPC, MPCC
It takes courage to ask for help. I am aware of the enormous amount of pain people carry every day, everywhere and I feel compelled to reach out and help them tap into a more meaningful life, to teach them they have value, to help them gain an increased sense of control over their own life, to help them recognize their resilience and improve the quality of their relationships. We are all in this together.  
6 Years Experience
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