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Edmonton, Alberta therapist: Maggie Davidson, psychologist
Autism and Asperger's

Maggie Davidson

Psychologist, MC, Registered Psychologist
Your past does not have to be your future. Autism is a neurological difference that effects how you experience the world. Autism brings advantages and disadvantages. I can help you learn to use your strengths to compensate for your weak areas. Autistic people often struggle with social skills, but social skills like all skills, are things we can learn. Autism means you have a different way of thinking and being in the world. If you are Autistic it is important that the professionals you are working with have a good understanding of neurodiversity in order that they can best support you. I have worked extensively with neurodiverse individuals and have a good understanding of Autism, ADHD, and other neurological differences. Please contact me if you would like to set up a free intake and we can get started on the process of helping you move forward with your future.  
13 Years Experience
In-Person in Edmonton, AB T6E 2K2
Online in Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta therapist: Jorgelina Gill, counselor/therapist
Autism and Asperger's

Jorgelina Gill

Counsellor/Therapist, B.Sc Psychology | Behaviour Therapist | RTCounsellor
Primarily working for FSCD program in Alberta for children with disabilities. Helping parents to support their children with behaviour, routines and parenting concerns. Using CBT approach and play therapy.  
21 Years Experience
In-Person in Edmonton, AB T5M 4C9
Online in Edmonton, Alberta
Toronto, Ontario therapist: MindfulWe Holistic Psychotherapy & Counselling Services, registered psychotherapist
Autism and Asperger's

MindfulWe Holistic Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

Registered Psychotherapist, MA, RP, IMD (candidate)
I have experience working with people on the spectrum for several years and it's always been an honor to learn from and support their development where they need/want it. I see this work as merging of worlds, and most importantly doing it without minimizing any ones experience.  
12 Years Experience
Online in Edmonton, Alberta
Vaughan, Ontario therapist: Kevin Greene, Health & Happiness: Counselling and Wellness, registered psychotherapist
Autism and Asperger's

Kevin Greene, Health & Happiness: Counselling and Wellness

Registered Psychotherapist, Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
I work with high functioning individuals with Autism/Asperger's and try to help them manage their anxiety while learning social norms that might be a challenge for them. Many people lose sight of the fact that a person with Austim/Asperger's has the potential to fit into society and thrive. What they sometimes need is a person to help them navigate their way.  
6 Years Experience
Online in Edmonton, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta therapist: Renee Lyon, therapist
Autism and Asperger's

Renee Lyon

Therapist, MACP, RSW, CEH
I have extensive experience working with youth with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. They are one of my favourite populations to work with.  
30 Years Experience
Online in Edmonton, Alberta