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Beaumont, Alberta therapist: Kim Silverthorn - Tacit Knowledge, counselor/therapist
Thinking Disorders

Kim Silverthorn - Tacit Knowledge

Counsellor/Therapist, B.A., R.P.C., M.P.C.C., C.T.
Tacit is experienced with clients who are struggling with Thinking Disorder Issues.  
34 Years Experience
In-Person Near Edmonton, AB
Online in Edmonton, Alberta
Victoria, British Columbia therapist: Arne Pedersen - Awareness In Health, hypnotherapist
Thinking Disorders

Arne Pedersen - Awareness In Health

Hypnotherapist, Registered Counselling Hypnotherapist
Struggling with thinking disorders can feel overwhelming, but there are strategies to regain clarity and control. Through personalized therapy sessions tailored to your unique needs, I help individuals challenge distorted thinking patterns and develop healthier cognitive habits. Together, we can cultivate a more balanced and empowered mindset.  
13 Years Experience
Online in Edmonton, Alberta
Santa Ana, California therapist: Mary Knoblock, hypnotherapist
Thinking Disorders

Mary Knoblock

Hypnotherapist, Licensed RTT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist, Duke Certified Health Coach, Spiritual Counselor
I enjoy working with clients for resolving thinking disorders. We typically work for 3-6 months and check in with progress and set goals for how you want to approach your thinking disorder, helping you find stability and peace of mind.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Edmonton, Alberta
Colombo, Western Province therapist: Prof. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe, OLS, psychologist
Thinking Disorders

Prof. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe, OLS

Psychologist, Ph.D.(Applied Psychology), Dh.C.(Florida), FRSM(UK), FRSPH(UK), FACCPH(UK), FTBCCT(UK), Dip.CBT(UK), Dip.(Couples Therapy), Dip.(Hypnotherapy), Dip.(Relationship Psychology), Dip.(Nutrition Science), Cert.(Integrative Mental Health)
I treat thinking disorders using CBT, DBT and hypnotherapy.  
18 Years Experience
Online in Edmonton, Alberta
Beverly Hills, California therapist: Karen Queller, art therapist
Thinking Disorders

Karen Queller

Art Therapist, M.A Expressive Arts Therapy
Engage in creative processes that encourage self-expression, promote cognitive flexibility, and gain new perspectives.  
5 Years Experience
Online in Edmonton, Alberta