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Vancouver, British Columbia therapist: Dr. Ellen Ivity, psychologist

Dr. Ellen Ivity

Psychologist, Ph.D.
I have several years of experience working with adults, children, and families. I specialize in helping individuals improve symptoms of anxiety, OCD, AD/HD, ASD, and supporting families with children with complex behavioural concerns.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Victoria, British Columbia
Victoria, British Columbia therapist: Arne Pedersen - Awareness In Health, hypnotherapist

Arne Pedersen - Awareness In Health

Hypnotherapist, Registered Counselling Hypnotherapist
Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be exhausting, but you're not alone in this journey. With a blend of empathetic understanding and proven therapeutic methods like Hypnotherapy, I guide individuals towards understanding the underlying causes of their OCD and developing practical strategies to manage intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviours. Together, we can pave a path towards greater freedom and peace of mind.  
13 Years Experience
In-Person in Victoria, BC V8Z 5T8
Online in Victoria, British Columbia
North Vancouver, British Columbia therapist: Nicklas Ehrlich, counselor/therapist

Nicklas Ehrlich

Counsellor/Therapist, MSW, RCC (#0843), RSW (#11561), Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Life-Coach, Hypnotherapist, Advanced Neurofeedback Trainer
OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) can greatly be helped by neurofeedback along with coaching or counselling. When the central nervous system and brain are balanced and resilient anxiety and OCD helped.  
44 Years Experience
Online in Victoria, British Columbia
Seattle, Washington therapist: Eric Olsen, life coach

Eric Olsen

Life Coach, Trauma, PTSD, BSc Sciences, DoD Career Councilor, SARC, DAPA, Pre Licensed Human Intelligence / Psychology, Life Coach. | Professional Support: LSSBB, PgM, Bluestone PMP,
We work through your OCD issues, uncover the root cause and help you heal and recover from OCD issues.  
15 Years Experience
Online in Victoria, British Columbia
Winnipeg, Manitoba therapist: Ms. Gorete Rodrigues, therapist

Ms. Gorete Rodrigues

Therapist, Certified Counsellor
Lots of experience and success in this area.  
14 Years Experience
Online in Victoria, British Columbia