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Beverly Hills, California therapist: Samer Fawaz, marriage and family therapist
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Samer Fawaz

Marriage and Family Therapist, M.A., AMFT
We are all born into a world where our bodies are constantly under scrutiny. The race to look and feel good in our skin can be an exhausting one, both physically and emotionally. My particular experience is that of a gay man trying to fit into a culture that puts a huge pressure on body image, sexual currency and attractiveness. These issues can be extremely hard to navigate and can lead to anxiety, depression and low self-worth. Together we will work on building a more robust sense of self which will allow you to feel more comfortable in your skin.  
4 Years Experience
In-Person in Los Angeles, CA 90039
Online in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California therapist: Melissa Klass M.A., LMFT, marriage and family therapist
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Melissa Klass M.A., LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist, M.A., LMFT #119163
We are born happy in our own skin. As kids, we are curious about our bodies and enjoy exploring them. Then something goes wrong. A well-meaning parent suggests we skip dessert, and the dolls we play with are so anatomically inaccurate they would fall over if they were humans. Then we start to attend school and become more aware of the larger culture. We notice only certain types of bodies are portrayed in the media. Our peers and our social media tell us we should look a particular way. This story may sound familiar, and sadly, it’s a common one. Unfortunately, for so many of us, the dissatisfaction with our bodies starts when we are young and persists for many years, particularly if we don’t start to examine how we think. Together, through radical self-acceptance, fat positivity, and the anti-diet framework we can begin to work toward healing.  
8 Years Experience
Online in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California therapist: Christina Fornecker, pre-licensed professional
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Christina Fornecker

Pre-Licensed Professional, AMFT
I provide a supportive and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore and enhance their relationship with their bodies. My approach focuses on promoting self-acceptance, fostering body neutrality, and challenging harmful societal norms.  
1 Years Experience
Online in Los Angeles, California
Beverly Hills, California therapist: Paula E. Bruce, Ph.D. & Associates, A Psychological Corporation, psychologist
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Paula E. Bruce, Ph.D. & Associates, A Psychological Corporation

Psychologist, Clinical and Forensic Psychology
Our work with you will be deep and focused to help you understand how you may be using your body to keep the score to the experiences of your life.  
28 Years Experience
In-Person in Los Angeles, CA 90015
Online in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California therapist: Marianne Albina, pre-licensed professional
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Marianne Albina

Pre-Licensed Professional, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, AMFT
I assist clients in co-exploring the stories they've been told about their bodies and appearances, identifying the external influences that shape their experiences. Together, we work to minimize the impact of dominant narratives by enriching stories of clients’ beauty and worthiness.  
2 Years Experience
Online in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California therapist: Philip Starkman, registered psychotherapist
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Philip Starkman

Registered Psychotherapist, MSW, RSW
In my practice, I offer a nurturing and non-judgmental space for clients struggling with body image concerns, employing a holistic approach that combines various therapeutic tools to address each person's unique experience. Through Mindfulness, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Role-Playing, we delve into the roots of body image issues, working together to shift perceptions and foster a healthier relationship with oneself. This process is about more than just addressing concerns with appearance; it's about understanding and transforming the way one feels about their body at a deeper level. By integrating these strategies, I support clients in developing self-compassion, improving self-esteem, and embracing a more positive body image. My role is to guide and empower you through this journey of self-discovery and acceptance, providing the tools and encouragement needed to cultivate a more loving and accepting view of your body.  
53 Years Experience
Online in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California therapist: Dr. Sari Shepphird, psychologist
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Dr. Sari Shepphird

Psychologist, Ph.D.
I have been working with body image issues for more than 25 years.  
28 Years Experience
In-Person in Los Angeles, CA
Online in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California therapist: Quinn Knox, marriage and family therapist
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Quinn Knox

Marriage and Family Therapist, AMFT, Trauma-Informed
This is a topic I'm hugely passionate about. As someone who grew up in an environment where I felt very out of place and struggled with body issues my goal is to acknowledge societal pressures and also find ways clients can feel good in their body and appreciate it for what it does for them.  
3 Years Experience
Online in Los Angeles, California
Glendale, California therapist: Simple life coaching, life coach
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Simple life coaching

Life Coach, Certified in Life coaching
Offering support in accepting who we are the way we are . Human body is beautiful regardless of gender, age and shape.  
6 Years Experience
In-Person Near Los Angeles, CA
Online in Los Angeles, California
West Hollywood, California therapist: Dr. Ingrid Solano, psychologist
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Dr. Ingrid Solano

Psychologist, PhD
I work with both adults and adolescents on an individual basis. Individual psychotherapy helps clients deal with particular issues, symptoms, and stressors. My goal is to provide a safe, non judgmental space for you to explore who you are, how you relate to others, and what supports you on your journey to become your best self. I lean into, listen, understand, and enhance authentic expression. Together we create a collaborative process of transformation. What that means and what that looks like is different for everyone... I offer evidence-based therapies from a curious, nonjudgmental philosophy. No matter where you have been, evidence-based therapies focus on changing the now. I strive to help my clients experience the world mindfully, and in accordance with their personal values. Through our work in cultivating an affirming, authentic, and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship, I provide support while we collaboratively deconstruct what is causing distress in your life and preventing you from being your most effective and authentic self. Individual therapy facilitates insight and growth, becoming more effective at actualizing your values, and building more authentic relationships with yourself and with others. While there are many forms of therapy you can pursue, my expertise is in time-limited, evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (CBT), the Unified Protocol for emotional disorders, and third wave CBT such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness based interventions. (I do have experience in, and practice, an eclectic arrangement of other modalities as well-- when applicable or specifically requested.) We explore thoughts, beliefs, and understanding, while also prioritizing behavioral processes that focus on your contexts and the functions of how you relate to your internal experiences. CBT is designed to help individuals notice and shift their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to get relief from painful emotions such as anxiety and sadness. Third wave interventions also promote well-being through developing coping skills, personal values, and metacognition that complement traditional CBT interventions. I provide flexible, customizable approaches that look different with each patient. I empower my clients to discover their strength, clarity, creativity, autonomy, resilience, motivation, and confidence in meeting whatever happens next. I provide individualized tools to use in everyday decision-making that will help those changes last. With these modalities I treat individuals who are impacted by depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship distress, burnout, divorce, loss, uncertainty, stigma, and other life experiences, diagnoses, and stressors. We explore the sources, experiences, and beliefs that impact how you relate with the world and implement change in your life. You are the expert on you, but are you your most effective and content self?  
13 Years Experience
In-Person Near Los Angeles, CA
Online in Los Angeles, California