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Colorado Springs, Colorado therapist: Back In The Saddle Ranch LLC /Creative Solutions Group Trauma Services LLC, counselor/therapist
Domestic Abuse or Violence

Back In The Saddle Ranch LLC /Creative Solutions Group Trauma Services LLC

Counselor/Therapist, MA LPC, Certified Equine Assisted Therapist, Art Therapist, CSAT/CPTT
Horses are herd animals that naturally want to form bonds with the creatures around them. It makes them feel safe. Whether we realize it or not, we as humans want to feel safe in the same way. But first, trust has to be won, and it’s a two-way street. The person has to behave in a certain way to make the horse trust them. If they are too nervous or aggressive, the horse will back off. Seeing how one’s own emotions are reflected in the horse is the first lightbulb moment for many people new to horse therapy. Domestic abuse survivors can learn so much more from horses, including how to control fear, how to be more assertive, how to be confident, and how to connect with others. They can even identify areas in their own lives that need work. That’s where a good psychotherapist can play a role in creating the right challenges and drawing the right analogies to help people get the most out of horse therapy. If you’d like to experience the power of horse therapy yourself, please contact The Ranch today for more information.  
15 Years Experience
In-Person in Colorado Springs, CO 80928
Colorado Springs, Colorado therapist: MonuMental Therapy Group PLLC, marriage and family therapist
Domestic Abuse or Violence

MonuMental Therapy Group PLLC

Marriage and Family Therapist, MA LMFT
No one wants to be in this situation. However, people frequently find themselves here. The advice victims get frequently are statements like "just leave." Well, for many, it is not that easy. You may have children together, finances, a house, he/she may be threatening other things. I work with DV situations quite a bit, and it can be very difficult to sort things through.  
11 Years Experience
In-Person in Colorado Springs, CO 80906
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Woodland Park, Colorado therapist: Jennifer Fuller James, licensed clinical social worker
Domestic Abuse or Violence

Jennifer Fuller James

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, Mountain View Counseling, LLC
Many people end up in relationships with some type of abuse (verbal, emotional, physical, sexual and/or spiritual) despite telling themselves this will never happen to them. There is no shame in reaching out to get help. You do not have to continue to live in fear.  
4 Years Experience
In-Person Near Colorado Springs, CO
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Loveland, Colorado therapist: Jaime Carden-O'Brien, therapist
Domestic Abuse or Violence

Jaime Carden-O'Brien

Therapist, MA, LPC, EMDR II
I worked 4 years at the domestic violence shelter in Fort Collins, CO and went through many trainings while there. I work with victims and do not do perpetrator treatment.  
21 Years Experience
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Cañon City, Colorado therapist: Fusion Behavioral Health, licensed clinical social worker
Domestic Abuse or Violence

Fusion Behavioral Health

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Assessments and treatment for youth and adults, in person or telehealth, a couple telehealth therapist available  
2 Years Experience
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