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Bristol, England  therapist: Jimi Katsis, counselor/therapist
Life Coaching

Jimi Katsis

Counsellor/Therapist, MA psych, Dip SW
As a life coach, I specialize in helping individuals achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life. I understand that life can be challenging and we all need support to navigate through the obstacles that we encounter. That's where I come in. I offer a personalized approach to coaching, tailored to the individual needs of each client. I help my clients identify their goals, develop actionable plans to achieve them, and provide ongoing support and guidance along the way. My goal is to empower my clients to take control of their lives and achieve their true potential. I use a variety of tools and techniques such as goal setting, visualization, and mindfulness to help my clients achieve their goals. I also provide support and guidance in areas such as career development, relationships, personal growth and overall well-being. Whether you're looking to improve your career, relationships, or overall well-being, I am here to help. I provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings and work towards the life you want to live. Don't let life's challenges hold you back. Take the first step towards achieving your goals and living a fulfilling life. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and discover how life coaching can benefit you.  
25 Years Experience
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Bristol, England  therapist: Dr Grenville Major, therapist
Life Coaching

Dr Grenville Major

Therapist, MBchB, MRCpsych, MSc psychological therapies
What is your purpose in life. What is the meaning. Profound questions and hard to answer. Philosophers have been trying for centuries. They are however essential questions to get a grip on, if you want to understand and explore you life in order to get the most from it. As a therapist I can help. I would like to meet with you to see what can be done to help you. This will enable us to get to know each other and see if we can work together. It’s important for you to work with someone you trust and feel safe with.  
43 Years Experience
In-Person in Bristol, ENG BS16 1AD
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Bristol, England  therapist: DR BP Upadhaya, psychologist
Life Coaching

DR BP Upadhaya

Neuropsychology Psychology Holistic Medicines Holistic Therapies Integrated Medicine Integrated Therapy Functional Medicine Unified Therapy Diet Therapy Nutrition Therapy Hypnotherapy NLP Psycho-visual Therapy Family Therapy Psycho-sexual Therapy Sexual and Marital Psychotherapy Homeopathy Herbal Medicine Naturopathy Quantum Medicine  
25 Years Experience
In-Person in Bristol, ENG BS1 6EA
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London, England  therapist: Sonalle Coaching & Creative Therapies, registered psychotherapist
Life Coaching

Sonalle Coaching & Creative Therapies

Registered Psychotherapist, HG.Dip.P (Dist), M.A, PG.Dip, BSc. (Hons)
Personal Skills Coaching to identify your needs, create your goals & fulfil your potential.  
8 Years Experience
In-Person Near Bristol, ENG
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 therapist: Dr. Christiana Eke, counselor/therapist
Life Coaching

Dr. Christiana Eke

Counsellor/Therapist, BA. MBA, PhD. DipC, DipLC.
I offer help for personal development and transitions to help transform lives in order to achieve goals and reach their full potential.  
28 Years Experience
Online in Bristol, England