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Atlanta, Georgia therapist: Affinity for Bliss, LLC, licensed clinical social worker

Affinity for Bliss, LLC

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, M.Ed., LCSW
"You have the POWER to CREATE the life you have DREAMT of" is my motto. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master, I use Holistic techniques to assist in finding the balance between the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT! With a focus on a Strengths-Based approach, I emphasize the importance of understanding how to expand on what is currently WORKING in your life. This will assist with developing a plan to address any challenges. I use journaling, positive visualization, mindfulness and other approaches to emphasize the importance of individuals understanding that any difficulties experienced in life will ultimately promote and foster growth in oneself.  
9 Years Experience
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Austin, Texas therapist: Janet Scarborough Civitelli, psychologist

Janet Scarborough Civitelli

Psychologist, Ph.D., L.P.
One of my favorite questions is, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" by Mary Oliver. I view therapy as a gift to yourself to create more meaningful experiences and develop resilience to overcome life's obstacles.  
19 Years Experience
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Atlanta, Georgia therapist: Rena Diamond, counselor/therapist

Rena Diamond

Counselor/Therapist, MS, APC, NCC, CCH
Depression and anxiety can impede our judgment, making us feel disconnected from the world around us. This can result in feelings of paralysis, an inability to create necessary changes in our lives, and a persistent engagement in negative and damaging patterns of thoughts and behaviors. You don't have to go it alone. I can support you in your efforts to change. I am an empathetic, compassionate, engaged therapist who has been extensively trained in anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, parenting, eating disorders, and more. I use evidence based modalities, such as CBT, ERP, and DBT. I fully believe that our minds and bodies are connected, and bring my knowledge, skills, and training as a yoga and meditation teacher into my sessions with client.  
4 Years Experience
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Santa Fe, New Mexico therapist: Dr. Amanda Roberts, psychologist

Dr. Amanda Roberts

Psychologist, PhD Clinical Psychology, Masters in Marriage Family Therapy
Dr. Roberts’ approach is one of warmth, compassion and respect for the strengths within the person with the firm conviction that effective therapy involves a collaborative partnership informed by the patient’s innate wisdom and resilience. She is passionate about her work and regards it as a divine calling. It is the quality of the therapeutic relationship based on a foundation of trust, safety and a caring connection that provides the most curative element in treatment. She is known for her creativity, passion, fearlessness, easy humor and deep commitment to the welfare of her patients. If you are a patient, your work with her will be solution focused, equip you with tools for living your life more joyfully and freely and will involve a practical problem-solving approach. If you are a consultee she will nurture, support and patiently guide you to become the best clinician that you are capable of becoming. Dr Roberts is a general aviation private pilot, owns her own aeroplane and is an intrepid adventurer. "Do one thing each day that frightens you"is one of her personal standards. She is no stranger to fear, having been a skydiver, scuba diver, rock climber and the leader of a community disaster team in Massachusetts. Dr Roberts is an avid hiker and creative writer and holds a deep reverence for nature and its beauty. She is a dedicated meditator and fitness enthusiast who regards it as a sacred duty to care diligently for her own health in order to give her best to those she serves.  
39 Years Experience
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Sandy Springs, Georgia therapist: Sara Dochterman, therapist

Sara Dochterman

Therapist, LCSW
Are you ready to get more out of life, but struggling with seeing possibilities? Maybe you long for deeper, more intimate relationships? Or you want to fulfill that sense of purpose you carry with you? Or perhaps you simply want to experience peace in your day to day life?  
17 Years Experience
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