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Indianapolis, Indiana therapist: Soaring Heart Center, licensed clinical social worker

Soaring Heart Center

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
To those who hunger for a richer and more rewarding life, Soaring Heart is a compassion engine that provides personalized, values-based support. We offer skilled and heart-centered therapy, deeply personal encounters with yourself and others, and the latest wisdom to guide your adventurous spirit. Our expansive, genuine and affirming care will enable you to shift your life and relationships in the direction you most desire.  
18 Years Experience
In-Person in Indianapolis, IN 46220
Online in Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana therapist: Andrea Barbour, marriage and family therapist

Andrea Barbour

Marriage and Family Therapist, MA, LMFT, PhD(ABD)
In addition to providing high-quality treatment for trauma, I also have experience in working with longstanding complex mood disorders (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, Bipolar I and II). I also specialize in treating Dissociative, Personality, and Psychosis related disorders.  
9 Years Experience
In-Person in Indianapolis, IN 46240
Online in Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana therapist: Alan Archibald, licensed clinical social worker

Alan Archibald

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, Certified TFCBT, Certified Family Trauma Professional
No matter how difficult a situation we face, it helps to find our internal and external strengths to overcome it. This means that we bring our whole selves to therapy and not just an injured, problem-centered part of ourselves. Emphasizing abilities is not a way of dismissing difficulty or underestimating the challenges of relationships, traumas, and even our unique ways of processing information. It is a way to build hope while also facing our greatest obstacles.  
30 Years Experience
In-Person in Indianapolis, IN 46220
Online in Indiana
Plainfield, Indiana therapist: Trauma Recovery Specialist, licensed clinical social worker

Trauma Recovery Specialist

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
You deserve to be happy. Are you tired of feeling like you are running from the past? Do the nightmares keep you awake at night or you are afraid to live your life due to the memories or fear simply won't let you? Recovery and freedom are possible. You don't have to stay trapped. Reach out today to find out how we can work together to help you end the nightmare and start living the life you deserve.  
11 Years Experience
In-Person Near Indianapolis, IN
Carmel, Indiana therapist: Kate Regnier- EMDR Therapy & Intensives, licensed clinical social worker

Kate Regnier- EMDR Therapy & Intensives

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LMSW, LCSW
Are you grieving from the loss of someone or something? Has something happened to you recently that you can't get out of your head and keep reliving? Do past relationships and interactions have you stuck people pleasing, with little boundaries and avoiding conflict? Or maybe you find yourself numb and always staying busy so you never have to sit with those tough emotions. Kate offers EMDR Intensives and other EMDR sessions virtually to those living in Michigan. Kate's goal in working together is for you to no longer experience guilt, intrusive thought or flashbacks, and to be able to function doing healthy everyday tasks without feeling the heaviness of being stuck. Kate offers EMDR intensives on weekdays and limited weekends.  
2 Years Experience
Online in Indiana