Mr. Dan Pugel

Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Life can be crazy! We all struggle with everyday life challenges and at times face difficult situations and circumstances. These challenges are overwhelming, one leading to another. Without integrating, letting go and learning from the past we become burdened and weary. Change can happen!  
27 Years Experience
In-Person Near Lawrenceburg, KY
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Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center

Treatment Center
The Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center provides comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals struggling with opioid addiction. Our expert team of caring professionals are committed to providing the highest level of quality care to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our individualized programs are tailored to each person's unique needs, and we strive to help individuals achieve long-term sobriety. We offer a range of services, including medication-assisted treatment, individual and group counseling, and relapse prevention. We also provide family-oriented services, including family therapy and education, to help families understand the process of recovery and support their loved ones. At the Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center, we understand that recovery is a journey, and we strive to provide the support and resources necessary for a healthier, happier future.  
5 Years Experience
In-Person Near Lawrenceburg, KY

Dr. Jill R. LeBlond

Psychologist, Psy D, LP
If you are looking for a current, down-to-earth, interactive psychologist, I might be a fit for you. I have clinical experience in helping people cope with the symptoms of a variety of mental illnesses. I look forward to meeting you, Dr. Jill  
24 Years Experience
Online in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Dr. Rebecca Fleischer

Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
As a licensed clinical psychologist for 20+ years, I understand that the relationship and "fit" between client and therapist is paramount. I work hard to establish and maintain a relationship based on mutual trust and honesty. We can work together to help you feel less stuck, and more in control.  
32 Years Experience
Online in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Dr. Mitchell Hicks

Psychologist, PhD, ABPP
Are you feeling depressed or anxious? Are your life and relationships unfulfilling? Can't let go of past hurts? Using sex or the internet to avoid others or painful emotions? Nothing gets better no matter what you try? Maybe it's time for a change!  
27 Years Experience
Online in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky