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Minneapolis, Minnesota therapist: Rebecca Connor, LMFT, marriage and family therapist
Thinking Disorders

Rebecca Connor, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Thinking disorders tend to be distortion of beliefs or thoughts that connect with anxiety and/or depression  
24 Years Experience
In-Person in Minneapolis, MN 55441
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota therapist: Amanda Stranko, licensed professional counselor
Thinking Disorders

Amanda Stranko

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPCC
Over the past six years, I have working with clients diagnosed with thinking disorders, and how these have further impacts in other areas of their life. In doing so, I have utilized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to challenge these thinking patterns.  
7 Years Experience
In-Person Near Minneapolis, MN
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Denver, Colorado therapist: Dr. Trey Cole, psychologist
Thinking Disorders

Dr. Trey Cole

Psychologist, Psy.D., ABPP, DAAETS
Have you ever heard or seen things that others do not? Do you have beliefs or experiences that others find strange or have trouble relating to? If so, please reach out and learn ways to navigate your life in a more satisfying manner.  
17 Years Experience
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Santa Ana, California therapist: Mary Knoblock, hypnotherapist
Thinking Disorders

Mary Knoblock

Hypnotherapist, Licensed RTT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist, Duke Certified Health Coach, Spiritual Counselor
I enjoy working with clients for resolving thinking disorders. We typically work for 3-6 months and check in with progress and set goals for how you want to approach your thinking disorder, helping you find stability and peace of mind.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Beverly Hills, California therapist: Karen Queller, art therapist
Thinking Disorders

Karen Queller

Art Therapist, M.A Expressive Arts Therapy
Engage in creative processes that encourage self-expression, promote cognitive flexibility, and gain new perspectives.  
5 Years Experience
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota