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Omaha, Nebraska therapist: Jennifer Francke Psychotherapy, LLC, licensed professional counselor
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Jennifer Francke Psychotherapy, LLC

Licensed Professional Counselor, LIMHP, LPC, LADC
Everyone goes through challenging situations in life and while you certainly have successfully navigated through past difficulties you've faced, there's nothing wrong with seeking out extra support when you need it.  
10 Years Experience
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Omaha, Nebraska therapist: Tara Leigh Thomsen, licensed professional counselor
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Tara Leigh Thomsen

Licensed Professional Counselor, LIMHP, CPC
As a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, I am able to help you sort your past and find safety and independence. I understand that the speed of recovery is in your hands not mine, and we will move at a pace you are comfortable with. I will attempt to help you understand the past, and together we can make your future what YOU need it to be.  
23 Years Experience
In-Person in Omaha, NE 68144
Catonsville, Maryland therapist: Connie Wolf, licensed professional counselor
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Connie Wolf

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA in Counseling, LCPC
If you have been negatively impacted in relationships due to emotional abuse, I can help. If you are unsure whether you have experienced emotional abuse, here are some things to indicate you may have been in an abusive relationship: Feeling constantly on eggshells around the gaslighter, Second-guessing your own thoughts, memories, and perceptions; Being made to apologize for the gaslighter's mistakes; Constant criticism and belittlement; Isolation from friends and family. If you identify with these, contact my office to schedule an appointment to start the process of healing and finding freedom from the pain.  
18 Years Experience
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Scottsdale, Arizona therapist: Sumer Statler Aeed, psychologist
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Sumer Statler Aeed

Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist
Emotional abuse is an often hidden or hard to pinpoint type of abuse that may occur in our adult relationships, those with our parents growing up, or both. One definition of emotional abuse includes psychological (i.e. non-physical) behaviors such as threats, insults, constant monitoring or “checking in,” controlling, shaming, humiliation, intimidation, isolation or ignoring behaviors. You may also be dealing with childhood emotional abuse which can be defined as, 'sustained, repetitive, inappropriate emotional response to the child’s experience of emotion and its accompanying expressive behavior’. Healing involves speaking our truth, learning about connecting to our emotions, boundary setting, connecting to our bodies and beginning to create new ways of building loving safe relationships with ourselves and others. Depending upon your own history we may make use of variety of tools to heal, including somatic work, trauma work, journaling, boundary setting, inner child work, family systems work, art therapy, or many other paths that can lead to reclaiming your truth.  
25 Years Experience
Online in Omaha, Nebraska
Nashville, Tennessee therapist: Dr. Christine Manley, psychologist
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Dr. Christine Manley

Psychologist, PhD in Clinical Psychology
Emotional abuse may be more common than many individuals think. It can occur in childhood, at home, at work or in a number of other relationships. Studies have shown that the differences between physical abuse and emotional abuse were not significantly different in terms of harmful long-term mental health outcomes (things like later substance abuse, depression and anxiety). Emotional abuse may not leave bruises, but it can still leave a "mark." If you feel you may be continuing to fell the effects of emotional abuse, please contact me to begin your recovery process.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Omaha, Nebraska