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Connie Wolf

Counselor/Therapist, MA, LCPC
For over 17 years, I've been providing individual counseling to clients in their time of need. I believe in creating a safe and supportive space where you can openly discuss the things that are distressing and impacting your life, without judgment. I have extensive experience helping clients overcome a wide range of challenges, from depression, anxiety, and stress to grief and loss. I understand that negative relationships can take a toll on your well-being, and I'm here to help you navigate these complexities and find healthy ways to cope. My ultimate goal is to empower you to find relief from the things that weigh heavily on your mind and heart. Drawing on my experience and expertise, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your desired outcomes and live a fulfilling life.  
18 Years Experience
Online in Lincoln, Nebraska

Erika Gray

Psychologist, Psy.D
Why is it so hard to find a therapist? So many people arrive here exhausted from the search. I understand that your connection to your therapist is paramount to your healing. I offer a free consultation to give you a chance to see if we're a good "fit" with the hope that this can be a place to stop, rest and begin the process you've been longing to begin.  
13 Years Experience
Online in Lincoln, Nebraska

Paul Losoff

Psychologist, PsyD
As a clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience, I bring a diverse array of therapeutic techniques to each session. Those who know me would say that my style is generally laid back, but I'm also willing to gently challenge my clients in a constructive way when it benefits them. I have a pragmatic approach toward helping you and I actively engage rather than remain silent during sessions.  
16 Years Experience
Online in Lincoln, Nebraska

Dr. Amy Schullery

Psychologist, Psy.D.
Feeling overwhelmed or anxious as you adjust to new stressors or changes in your life? Have a hard time turning off your mind? Need help learning better ways to cope with the demands of school, work, or parenthood, and keeping it all in balance? I'm a Clinical Psychologist and work with teens 16+ and adults of all ages. I help people with anxiety and worry, and managing difficult changes in life- adjustment to college/ career change, early adulthood, pregnancy/postpartum, family changes, and other stages of life.  
17 Years Experience
Online in Lincoln, Nebraska

Rachel Minelli

Psychologist, Ph.D.
I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I specialize in working with children and adolescents with Autism, ADHD, Intellectual Developmental Disorder, and learning disorders. I provide comprehensive evaluations using a combination of telehealth and in-person assessment sessions. I specialize in Autism evaluations for both children and adults. I also provide PCIT therapy via telehealth and in-person sessions.  
12 Years Experience
Online in Lincoln, Nebraska